Saturday, 30 April 2016

NAN Xperience Pro F3J Maiden

The weather was just wonderful up on Ditchling Beacon this morning. Started off with a gentle NNW wind and as the thermals got going so did the wind.
Having done a deal with Tim and got myself a beautiful NAN Xperience Pro F3J it was time to get her into the sky for my first flight with the green machine. The model has a 3.3m span and is super strong because of all the carbon fibre but also very light for its size. The model is around nine years old and won the 2007 European championships apparently.
As with most models Tim has set up the launch was easy and the glider flew straight and true from the moment it left Robs hand. I have got a vario fitted in the glider and via the Spektrun TM1000 telemetry unit, you get a toned beeping telling you if the glider is rising or sinking during flight. This will become very useful for when I fly the Xperience Pro off the bungee or winch down at our club field.
She flew well with a good turn of speed when needed. A little slow of the turns but I have now got twice as much aileron movement for my next flight.
The landings were a dream with slow and stable approaches made each time.
Loved it !!!!!
Just as a heads up Tim does have two more F3J models for sale at present (maybe only one if Rob buys one) at a very reasonable price all most ready for fly apart from a battery and RX. If you are Interested then get in contact with Tim.

Friday, 29 April 2016

All from a hand launch......

I wanted to share this video with you all just to show what can be done with a large mouldie from a good chuck. This model is very similar to the two that Tim has up for sale at the moment at a very reasonable price.

Stork2 pro at Itford this morning.

I had an hour or so at Itford this morning unfortunately I couldn`t hang on for the the others as I had to be home by 11:30. Being on my tod meant I could concentrate on setting trim and throws in crow. You can see it was quite a blustery session!   Rob, Andrew and Mark hope you enjoyed yourselves.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Hi All,
Well, I know that by now you will have read of the demise of my Mini Blade at my own hands this Tuesday. I was stupid enough to make a big mistake on the flaps and it cost me the model.
I spoke with Paul in the evening and he said that Tim had a Mini Vector (Mini Vec) which was RTF and unflown. I immediately said that I would have it, knowing that I wanted another model similar to the Mini Blade and not really getting much time to build anything recently, the Mini Vec seemed the ideal solution. Plus Tim wasn't really planning on flying it and has had it for quite some time.

Here's some pictures for you -
Tim also very kindly let me buy the carry bag for it, so it wouldn't get damaged in transit (no guarantee that it'll survive my flying !).
I went to Tim's house this morning and took my Dx9 with me and we transferred Tim's programming for the Mini Vec from his tx to mine and it is now all set up with flaps, crow braking, etc.....

I am most grateful to Paul and Tim for their sterling assistance in my hour of need - basically I was banking on taking the Mini Blade on our upcoming trip to IOW , but stupidly flew it at the Dyke on Tuesday and ..... well you know the rest !
So, thanks again Paul and Tim - we intend to maiden fly the Mini Vec on Saturday (weather permitting), why not come along ?


Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Tuesday at Devil's Dyke

Graham U and I met up at Devil's Dyke car park at 12:30 today for some NE wind flying.
When we arrived there was a group of German glider fliers already there, they all had mouldies and one or two were Dynamic Soaring over the back of the hill - directly into the Dyke. Their models were screaming and must have been hitting up to 200 mph..... quite dramatic. The rest of them seemed to be practicing various repetitive manoeuvres across the hill on the windward side. We guessed that they were maybe getting ready for a competition ? Anyway, we enjoyed talking to them and watching them flying.
As we were walking to the hill with our models, Graham realised that he was carrying his black German army helmet with him (the one he uses for the camera) and we decided that the present company might not appreciate the gesture , so it was quickly put on the ground out of sight - don't want to start another war !!!!!

Graham and I started to fly - Graham had his Ridge Ryder and I had my unflown (by me) Jart. Both did well in the strongish wind despite there being sleet , rain and snow at times......

Here's a picture of the incoming storm
Graham then set up his Stork and I launched that for him. It was most stable and very keen to climb, in fact it went so high that Graham was having trouble getting it back to a manageable height.

After a while he landed and we decided to try my Mini Blade which I had just re-programmed with some down elevator to counter the pitching up on full flaps. It too flew brilliantly, but when I tested the flaps at height, there seemed to be too much down elevator and it nose-dived. I recovered it and carried on flying, but was trying to work out how to land this rocket without full flaps. Eventually we determined that half flaps would slow it enough (which it did), and when I was almost down, I switched the flaps off for a level landing. However, in error I put full flaps on and the resulting nose-dive proved fatal for the Mini Blade !! Oh well, that's an expensive lesson to learn....

SO despite that mishap I felt that I had a good days flying with Graham, I got to see some Dynamic Soaring and some brilliant German fliers. Graham had a great couple of flights with his excellent Stork, my Jart flew very well and we also had a nice cup of coffee and lemonade in the pub afterwards....

Anyone know of a good mouldie RTF - about 2m wingspan ?

Update - yesterday evening, I managed to do a deal with Tim H for his unflown RCRCM Mini Vector. It's RTF and I am picking it up in the next day or two... Many thanks Tim and Paul for your sterling help...


Sunday, 24 April 2016

DLG for sale

I have a very nice DLG (Discus Launch Glider) for sale. It is a Topsky 3 Disser DLG. It has a carbon layup on the wings and flies nicely from the flat or from the slope in very light winds. It sold with three servo's installed (needs 1 small servo for the wing) plus a battery and RX. Here's a video of it flying and getting away in a thermal from our club field last year.
I'm not asking the earth for this beauty - only £90. Buy a new wing servo, tiny battery and fit your own RX and you will have a very tidy and capable DLG. If you haven't given DLG flying a go then do as you won't get a more natural, pure form of gliding than this. Hurl it up there and if you're lucky you will be spiralling upwards before you know it.
Empty weight: 180g (6.3 oz) or less
AUW: between 260-280g (9.1 - 9.8 oz)
Wingspan: 1500mm (59.05 in.)
Length: 1180mm (45.7 in.)
Wing area: 22.84 dm2 (354.02
If you are interested then give me a call or text on (07834 859018) or email me :

Saturday, 23 April 2016

A Great Morning on Ditchling Beacon

Hi All,
Paul, Ian A and I arrived at Ditchling this morning at just after 08:30 and decided to fly in our regular place East of the car park.
The wind was almost straight onto the hill and it was howling, making it feel very cold....
The lift was excellent and was working a LONG way out. There were also thermals as the dark clouds came over adding to the lift. We had to keep an eye out for full-sized gliders from time-to-time as they came through.
The first model to get into the air was my newly configured Mini Blade. I asked Paul to fly it for me as he's had a lot of mouldy experience and it went straight and true, so I took over and began carving up the sky. This model is superb to fly and even without ballast it was screaming along.
I then landed and switched to the Ninja because I didn't want to risk the Mini Blade before we go to the IOW.

Ian A flew his Starjet and it too was making brilliant progress in the strong lift. He then switched to his mouldy which he got from Will A.
Paul flew his Valenta Dragon which is a beautiful mouldy to watch (and to fly) and then flew his Aresti which is a great looking model and he was practicing his landings (which are always perfect !).

Graham U arrived with his large mouldy and his Orange own design model. The mouldy flew very well and looked like a full-size glider at times and the Orange model always flies very well. He also took a turn at the Dragon (which I too have flown), and he was really putting it through its paces.

Jim H arrived with his trusty Spectre and was practicing his flying and landing technique, unfortunately, he ventured too far behind the hill and ended up in the valley behind with a broken wing.

Later on Mark J arrived with a Phase 6 and joined us on the slope But it was about the time when we had all decided that we'd got cold enough , so poor old Mark was left on his own - sorry Mark !!

Everyone left with the same number of pieces of model they arrived with except Jim H whose wing almost detached itself.

We all agreed that this was yet another fantastic morning's flying - may there be many more ......

Friday, 22 April 2016

X Models Mini Blade Lives Again

Hi All,
Many months ago I took my 2nd hand Mini Blade to Wolstonbury Hill and flew its 'maiden' flight. It went extremely well, but on landing for about the 4th time, it hit a lump of ground and the fuselage suffered a crack - it was already slightly cracked, so I kind of expected it.

So I ordered a new fuselage from South Coast Sailplanes (the only supplier for X Models). It took months and months but never arrived. In the end they offered me a white one they had on the shelf until my yellow one arrives. I accepted and have now fitted it to the model.
It's very difficult to work with carbon fibre, you have to be careful what you're doing and I had to remove certain parts of the fuselage to fit the servos, receiver, battery, etc... but that has taken a while because I wanted to do it carefully to take away the minimum necessary material.
Anyway, it's now finished -

As you can see, it's now White with Yellow wings and tail surfaces, but who cares, at least it's now flyable !!
I am taking it to Ditchling in the morning to try it out - so wish me luck !!


Sunday, 17 April 2016

My first blog!

This is my first blog and I am still learning so there will be no technical terms and I won't pretend I know what I am talking about!

When Rob turned up at my house this morning I half expected him to call the morning off as there was hardly a breath of wind, but we were up and models all ready, so nothing to loose as it was a beautiful morning sun shining, so the drive down and views would be worth it.   I was looking forward to trying out my Minimoa which was a fairly cheap Art Tech model I bought off Ebay a few weeks back.  It had a small small motor (thank god it did as it saved me a few times!).  Rob helped me get it all ready to fly a few weeks back.

We arrived at the car park and met up with Paul. He seemed more confident of some flying than us - or me anyway!

We arrived at the site and I got the Minimoa up and running (must remember to pack a screwdriver next time!). I launched it with the motor to get it out and it went straight up and I started to panic a bit, but fortunately Paul was with me and took over.  It amazes me how all you guys can just take over any model and recover it!  I took the controls over from Paul and then got the hang of it. I'm still quite nervous flying but there is always enough reassurance about and Ian was next to me ready to help if I needed it.  Rob's guidance is always invaluable and I wouldn't be making the progress I am without his help.

I watched some great flying from Paul with a small yellow glider (Omega I think!).  I was also really impressed with Ian A's flying of his huge glider (sorry don't know what that was called) but he flew it gracefully and with very impressive landings - something I can only aspire too!

Rob landed my Minimoa the first time which was virtually textbook using the wheel.  I then landed it a couple of times safely so I was pleased with that and decided to end the session on high with no breakages.  I was pleased with the Minimoa but I think it needs a bit more wind to get the best out of it as it was a bit slow to respond sometimes.

As Paul has said in his blog the weather was challenging at times, but I really felt I learnt a lot today as it wasn't the easiest flying.   I enjoyed finding the thermals and learning how to use them even if there was a contest for them, including a Buzzard that decided to violate Pauls airspace!

Graham had his little Hobby King flyingwing which always impresses me on how it can fly in a variety of conditions.  He went all the way back to get his big mouldy but unfortunately we decided the weather was getting the better of us and so he was unable to fly it.

Rob flew his Traceur and Labelle (think that is what it was called).  Both flew well when there was a bit of wind. 

I was completely new to model flying and have been part of the club for about 6 months now, with some on and off flying, but feel I am gradually making progress.  I am enjoying it even if I still feel a little nervous with it sometimes - especially when there is not much wind!   The experience and help the guys in club give is always appreciated and they have saved me a few times - and my models!

A few shots from the morning.  I had some great footage of Ian's big glider but the file is too big to post!

What a challenging day!

The usual suspects met up at Ditchling Beacon this morning (Rob, Andrew, Graham, Ian and Paul). We were met with just a very gentle NNW wind around 7 mph. It was one of those glorious Spring mornings that started off cold but soon warmed up and it was a pleasure being up on the hill.
Andrew started us all off with his new Minimoa that had a small electric motor up front but an impressive wingspan. Andrew flew for most of the morning and was improving well as the morning went on. Good news was that the Minimoa went back in one piece. Rob flew his Libelle and Traceur, Graham flew his Tracuer and his HK wing which flew just as well with a load of ballast on board. Ian brought along his huge mouldy which he showed us could just about hang out with my smaller mouldy (Nan Omega) even though his model didn't have a motor like mine. Graham got his new toy out but the wind had swung to the West and Graham took the sensible option and put it back in the van.
I don't think I have enjoyed trying to thermal away well below the top of the slope for a long time. At one point I was flying in a thermal with a Buzzard which after a few turns took a dislike to my model then folded up his wings and took a dive at the Omega. Luckily he missed or maybe he was just toying with me!

We have been very lucky lately with some fantastic sloping days and today did not let us down on the sun front. I had a great day trying to soar away in weak conditions and just enjoying being out there. Roll on more days like today!!

Saturday, 16 April 2016

RC Gliders for Sale.

Having a clear out.

Traceur. Complete with Spektrum rx. Bind and fly. £140.00
NCFM Moth 48". Never flown. Complete with Spektrum rx. Bind and fly. £150.00
 Hawk. Large fibreglass fuselage. Wing needs attention. £30.00
Hawk. Very good condition. £90 or £110 with Spektrum rx.
 Komet. Very good condition. EPP combat. 48" span. £100 with Spektrum rx.
ELF dlg. Right handed.Never flown. SD100 servos.Wing bags. Spektrum bind and fly. £130
Whipit DLG (Brand New) £45
If you have a Spektrum DX6, DX7 or DX9 with sd card, i can supply all the control settings for each individual airframe.

Contact Tim  - for further info

Some Interesting Isle of Wight video's

St Boniface Down
The back of Culver Down
The far end of Culver Down
Pearl Factory
So come along on the 21st May and enjoy a whole lot of flying sites in just one day!

Friday, 15 April 2016

BMFA Achievement Scheme Website Launched

Hi All,
The BMFA have just launched a new website dedicated to their 'achievement schemes'.
It can be found here -

On this site can be found all the necessary test manoeuvres, questions and answers to allow you to get ready for your 'A' or 'B' tests.
As you know 7 of us are planning to take our Slope Soaring 'A' test some time soon (when the weather starts to behave itself), so this site will be of great value to us...


Monday, 11 April 2016

Isle of Wight Trip - Sat 21st May

UPDATE - Six of us on the list so far. Ferries booked !! Any other takers?

Hello everyone.
I am arranging our annual Spring trip to soar the hills and cliffs on the Isle of Wight. The date of our trip will be the Sat 21st  May.
We get an early ferry around 8.00 - 8.30am which gets us onto the Island around 9.30 and hopefully meet up with our good friends over there (Chris / Bill).
Fly for the morning then a spot of pub lunch then some more flying in the afternoon, then we jump on an early evening ferry home. It's a full day but just great fun.
The Island offers gentle hills, big hills, small cliffs and huge steep sided chalk cliffs. It has the lot with flying sites for all abilities.
So far we have Ian A, Scott and possibly Graham U (sorry Ian L but the dates just didn't work out for earlier weekends) but the more the merrier.
I do need to know who wants to come along as we need to agree a date and get ferries booked up. Car sharing usually reduces the costs and makes life a lot easier for all who come along.
Currently you would looking to pay around £50 return for a car and up to 4 passengers. You have the ability to book using a flexible ticket that costs about £10 more but you can cancel up to 24 hours in advance and only lose £5 admin fee, so if the weather turns out to be rubbish then worse case it costs you a fiver. What have you got top lose?
Please let me know if you want to join in on our Spring Island trip?

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Second video from today's flying

Various clips of Ian, Graham and me flying plus Hangliders and Paragliders.

Eastbourne from the air vid

Here is the first video from todays superb Beachy Head cliff soaring trip.

Mega, Mega , Mega !!

Had just the best time this morning at Beachy Head with Ian A and Graham U. The wind was stronger than anticipated but that meant better than expected lift. Both Ian and myself started off with our Mouldies which did prove challenging when landing given the strong sink and rotor near the ground.
We were joined by some nutters flying speed wings (smaller than normal paragliders for higher wind flying). These just seemed to get in the way and didn't look at all stable.
There was a competition going on just about half a mile away by a local flying club which meant our normal flying spot was taken so we were forced to fly very close to the Beachy Head pub. The Dragon was flown with the Mobius camera on board and captured some mega video.
Here are a few stills taken from the video that will be uploaded soon.
Looking all the way along the Eastbourne coast.
A great shot looking down on to Beachy Head Lighthouse.
Graham flew his HK wing very well and gave us a good flying show with it. After Ian and I had made some sort of landing with our mouldies it was time to get our other models out of the car. The M60 was fully loaded with lead and went like a rocket in the very strong lift. Had some good races with Ian's SAS Star Jet that performed well given the strengthening conditions. Finally Ian got out the little red Messerschmitt ME 163 Komet (thanks Graham). For such a light weight model and being as aerodynamic as a brick it just ate up the slope.
We even stopped for a coffee in the pub - we must be getting old !!!
Had just a brilliant time - thanks guys..........

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Anyone want to fly tomorrow morning?

The weather for tomorrow morning looks promising for Beachy Head. The wind should be too strong for the Paragliders  so we should be ok for some slope soaring.  There are a few flying sites here. The first offers a large grassy hill in front of the lower cliffs. Here you can park just across the road from where you fly and launch looking out towards Eastbourne. Moving round the corner a little you will find two good sized bowls again siting above the cliffs.
Here is a video of me flying at Beachy Head a few years back
Good news I'm being joined by Ian A together with his mouldy.
The weather is giving sunshine till around 11.00, so why not meet up around 9.00 - 9.30 in the car park opposite the flying area. CLICK HERE FOR A MAP.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Ridge Ryder yesterday at Itford Hill.

A good little flyer for only £23!

Mijet Info

Having seen the post and video posted about the Mijet, I thought you may be interested to read this.

Last year I bought a couple of thermal soarers from a guy living in Staffordshire, Colin Prior. Colin is now in his late 70's, has had a quadruple heart bi pass and recovered from cancer. Unfortunately he does not fly anymore but he still loves to build.

In his day, Colin was a big name in the UK aero modelling scene, and specifically the slope soaring scene, writing reviews for the modelling press at the time as well as designing his own models.

One of these models was the Mijet, which was produced as a plan and a kit and I believe was very popular and successful. He sent me a couple of pictures which I believe were taken in the Malvern Hills. As you can see, there are a few of them here.


Mijet flying at Itford Hill. 7/4/16.

IanL and I had a good flying  session yesterday morning on Itford Hill, Ian has put a short report on shoutbox. This video is of  my modified 40yr+ Mijet with an 808 dvr mounted on the tailplane.
The other video which is of my Ridge Ryder filmed with a RunCam is going to be with YouTube for 4hrs while its being processed ...all for a 4 minute video!  Maybe something to do with being shot at 60fps....

Thursday, 7 April 2016

The obvious answer is YES !!

Thanks to all that commented on my previous post with regard to the future of our Slope Soaring Sussex blog. Reading between the lines I have come to the overwhelming conclusion that the blog is working and should be kept as it has helped and is appreciated by many.
Lets see if we can have some alternative input from our many readers that hopefully will keep this blog fresh and up to date. Thank you all for all your support and lets just carry on doing hwta we are doing then ....................

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

PSSA Fly for Fun Meet

Just a reminder to any PSS enthusiasts that the first PSSA Fly for Fun meet of 2016 is taking place on the Great Orme, Llandudno on the 16th & 17th April. I shall be heading up there on Friday 15th to make a full weekend of it and hopefully get in a sneaky fly on Friday afternoon.

This year we will be having even more fun by holding a bomb dropping competition. So purchase your bomb through either HobbyKing or Slec and get it fitted to a model for some target fun. I now have a pair of bombs which fit nicely on my Hawker Typhoon pictured below.

Don't forget that A470 Soaring are hosting the May PSS event on the 21st & 22nd which is taking place at the Bwlch, S Wales. I have already begun praying to the weather Gods and yesterday I sacrificed a chicken to please them, which also tasted very nice once stuffed and roasted for an hour with potatoes.

I hope to see some of you at the Orme and even more of you at the Bwlch.

Happy flying

Does this blog have any future?

Hi all
After three or four years now constantly updating and trying to drive this blog forward I have hit a bit of a brick wall. I am getting bored with this blog now. Very few people actually post on here except me and sometimes Rob but any other interaction from anyone else is minimal. The blog was set up for everyone to use and share and it just seems that I am the main contributor to the blog so what's the point ??
I have created a new Facebook group called 'Slope Soaring Sussex'. I already have a very active Facebook account with over 450 RC related friends from all over the world. I am hoping that a new group page specifically for RC slope flyers in Sussex may reach a bigger audience and encourage people to be more interactive and share more than currently we are getting from this blog.
Any group member can post pictures, video and comment on anything within the group. It may be a closed group where you need to request to join and then when accepted you can see what's happening within the group. If you have a Facebook account then just type Slope Soaring Sussex into the search box and hopefully you will either find me or the new group page. Click the 'join' button and hopefully we can grow the group and carry on from there.
So, I will keep the blog running in its current form but I will concentrate on the Facebook side of things. If anyone else wants to take on the blog and keep it updated then please feel free to contact me and we can have a chat about the blogs future.
Its a pity because we have had over 130,000 views but to be honest I fed up listening to my own voice week in - week out !
Either you guys help out with the posts and build on what we have currently got or the blogs stays as it is and doesn't get updated - the power is in your hands!

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Life on the cliff edge !!

A happy group of regulars met up at Newhavn Fort in what turned our to be a gentle SSE/ SE wind. We flew from underneath the Coastguard Station out onto the SSE slope. Slope Hunter said not to fly mouldies at this site as the landing area is small but I'm always up for a challenge and given the light winds which means gentle rotor I thought it was a good time to give the Dragon a go from the Fort.
Ian A flew his vintage CentiPhase which proved to be the best machine for the day. Scott flew his Vagabond, Ian flew his Spectre and I flew the M60 and the Dragon. We all had a good time except Ian L 's jeans which git ripped to shreds on the brambles during a daring retrieve.
I set up the wing mounted camera for some on board video that I think turned out well. My big and heavy mouldy got a little to low for comfort a few times given the very light lift.
Here is the second video from today's flying which is a little montage of various flights.
On a final note.
We were approached by the Assistant Community Ranger from Lewes District Council towards the end of our flying who asked why we were flying above the cliffs as she hadn't seen us up there before and that we should stop flying as we were flying above nesting Fulmar's and our models looked just like birds of prey and could potentially scare and disrupt there nesting in the cliffs. Not to upset our feathered friends or the Ranger we packed up and left.
As a responsible club and one who is keen to preserve our good name and a good relationship with the land owners and conservationists may I suggest we (Slope Soaring Sussex members) do not fly at Newhaven Cliffs for the foreseeable future as not to aggravate or disturb the nesting Fulmars!!
Interesting thing was that apparently the Paragliders are allowed to fly from the cliffs as they are too big as to not scare the wild life. One rule for one and not for others I think ............

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Newhaven Cliffs on Sunday

After lots of head scratching on the best place to fly, I keep coming back to Naewhaven Fort. It suits the wind direction and the views from the top are just lovely. Its one of the safer cliff sites to launch and fly from but landing sometimes is challenging.
Here is a map link on where Newhaven Fort is and where we fly from.
The lift is general good and you have a fair bit of grass in front of you before your model flies over the edge. Over the years I've loved flying from the cliffs. The idea of flying over a steep faced edge and then over the sea initially was scary but the lift generally is constant and reliable and mostly smooth. The landing area at Newhaven is small-ish but its the rotor (the air acting like a tumble drier behind the cliff) that can be a problem. The stronger the wind, the stronger the lift, the stronger the rotor (which means turbulence and strong sink).
Here are a few video's of some of our cliff soaring trips. The Isle of Wight offers some superb cliff soaring opportunities. I will be making a trip over to the Island next month for a day trip to meet Chris, Bill and friends. Why not come along - it's a great day out......
West Wales
Isle of Wight
North Wales
Newhaven Fort
What ever your level come along and see for yourself the wonders of cliff soaring. Bring a model and if you like what you see then we can get you in the air. If you want someone to land your model for you then we will be on hand to assist. Cliff soaring offers a huge opportunity with both slopes and lift.
I intend to be at Newhaven Fort car park for 9.00am. We can meet up and take a stroll up the lane to an area just besides the Coast Guard tower.
Hopefully see some of you there tomorrow.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Nice looking Weekend

Saturday looks like a day with SSE winds around 12mph and sunshine. Sunday looks a little stronger wind around 12 - 20 S wind. For me Sunday looks the best!
But where can we fly. Caburn will work but I imagine the Paragliders could be up there if the wind is less than 12mph. Eastbourne or Newhaven Cliffs then come into play but neither location is good for learning on as the Sea and Cliffs get in the way. Colley Hill up near Reigate is also a nice place to fly but again can be tricky trying to land up there. I am a big fan of Newhaven Cliffs.
Lets say between 9.00 and 10.00am on Sunday for a start time and I will confirm everything tomorrow when I have had a time to look again tomorrow.
Let me know your thoughts guys !!!

BMFA Newsletter

Hi All,
The latest BMFA SE area newsletter has just been published.
For club members, I have emailed a copy to your email accounts.

There are some interesting articles in this copy and it's well worth reading just for background information about what's going on in our area.

Stuart Willis is still looking for someone to act as the Area Public Relations Officer, so if you want to try your hand, contact Stuart.....