Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Paragliding Flying Website

I found this website which gives Paragliding launch sites, wind direction and lots of valuable Information. Given the fact that we fly at a lot of the same sites as the Paraglider guys I thought this might be of use to some of you?. They also have a mobile app for your smart phone.
Click here to view the site

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Not slope soaring but...may be of interest.

 F1 vehicles start/run before completing two circuits through Edenbridge.                                                        Pillion on Custom Trike in pageant.   

Video Library Added

Hi all.
I have added a video library to our blog (left hand side of the Home page). The idea being if you have an idea of the wind direction, you should be able at find a suitable flying site together with some video and I am hoping to add some information about each slope and a map (see the Wolstonbury Hill page)
If any of you fancy adding some text to a specific flying site page then please feel free to add your information / video / map or send what ever you want to post to me. I am hoping to compile a comprehensive list of flying sites we have visited together with as much info on that site. A bit like Slope Hunter but with video! Let me know what you think of the Idea?

Monday, 26 May 2014

A glorious sloping session off Colley Hill, yesterday.

Met TerryB at 1pm. me with my recently acquired SAS Fusion (thankyou Rob!) Terry with his two SAS Wildthings. What fun and versatile these foamies are, they fly well and pretty much indestructable. The wind was around 16mph according to Terry`s anenometer giving good lift with the help of some weak thermals passing through. There was around a dozen flyers on site, with a good range of machines, the moldies being flown off the Knob and the rest being flown off the the main bowl. Terry did well honing his skills and achieving some very respectable  controlled landings, on what is not the easiest site. We decided  that Colley Hill is a very flyable site and we will certainly be it using it again!.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

And how did that model get in the back of the car?

Having taken the ferry over to the Isle of Wight with the family, we arrived to lovely weather and blue skies. if not a little breezy. First stop to Alum Bay and the Needles.
Anyone for some cliff soaring?
Then dropped the family at the Pearl place (Near Brightstone) on the South side of the Island and walked about a hundred yards to the cliff edge above the beach. Checked I could get down and collect my model if it all went wrong and went for it.
Medium lift in a 15mph Southerly breeze. launched from the edge of a 100ft cliff. Not massive cliffs but gave good lift but the rotor behind the hill was mega. Two launches and two arrivals with strong sink just behind the cliffs.
My second flight was at Ventor. A beautiful secluded beach with small cliffs just along from the beach area. The family walked down to the beach and I walked up to the cliffs.
The wind now was a lot lighter and the landing area very small but I just had to try it. Took some lovely on-board video that didn't record but I did take some video with my phone while trying to fly at the same time.  Roll on this Saturday, when Jack, Clint, Rob and I go over to the Isle of Wight sloping.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Shorter clip. Different launch area.

Best viewed in YouTube. Doesn`t make viewing any lighter though!

Fusion soaring at Newhaven.

The Fusion has a big nose! Cam does foreshorten the image,  the launching area is respectable. next short vid is from a smooth launch area used by paragliders.

My first tentative attempt at sea cliff soaring!

I met Paul, Jack and Clint at the Itford Hill layby but didn`t fancy the long walk to the south bowl especially as the forecast wasn`t brilliant, so decided to venture down to the Newhaven Fort Cliffs. I used to often watch the soaring of models, para and hangliders when I was at the the marina with my children. The parking is easy only a short walk to areas adjacent the Coastguards lookout. The site is only really suited to foamies, landing is fairly tight but not difficult for a half competent pilot! Had three successful flights before it got to dark to fly but beat the rain to my van, just! The cliffs are not very high but provide good smooth lift at around 14mph, don`t have to be close to the edge and you don`t have to fly over water, also plenty of seating. Shall use this site again! I`m sure there will be a report from the Itford flyers.

Ifords Hill South Bowl - Very Tempermental.

We arrived at 11.00 as planned. Graham U decided to go off and try out the cliffs at Newhaven with his Fusion. Jack, Clint and I walked up the easier path to the top of the South Bowl.

We were joined by some of the locals slope flyers and group of hang glider guys who were doing tethered training. One minute the hill was working well and then another minute the hill wasn't. As Jack found out with both his Ninja and Mini Vec on occasions just not wanting to climb while other were well up there - Strange! The wind swung as the rain came in and at the end it was SE which we know isn't any good for Itford's South Bowl. Southerly or SSW wind is best.
My Typhoon flew well with it climbing well in the changing lift. Clint flew his Luna for a bit until disaster struck during hi launch as the Luna seemed to be un bound all of a sudden and unfortunately came back down to earth with a crunch. With Clint's skills and determination I don't think it will be too long before we see the Luna flying again. With a little more flying we watched as the rain / thunder storm drew nearer we packed up and made a quick retreat to the cars. Just started to pour down as we made it back. Graham then texted me to say how good Newhaven was for foamies. Maybe next time we will give the cliffs a go.

Sundays Flying

Unfortunately, I will not be flying tomorrow as I will be researching the flying sites over on the Isle of Wight (day out with the family, might just squeeze the Ninja in the car) but the weather looks fine with a good wind direction and strength for a return trip to Itford possibly? - Just a heads up really if anyone was looking to venture out sloping.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Saturday's Flying

Sat - Update. Starting flying at 11.00 now as showers expected again later in day
Hi all.
The weather is doing it's best to disrupt our enjoyment for this Bank holiday weekend.  Still not sure what the weather will bring us on Saturday but the morning looks like showers and lots of cloud but after lunch it could get drier and hopefully the cloud might break with the possibility of sunny spells. (15 - 20mph Southerly) but that could all change as we know. Both Clint and I can't do Sunday as we both have family commitments which means we have tomorrow or Monday to fly.
I'm going to give the Southerly bowl at Itford Hill a go tomorrow and hope to be at the layby at 13.00 with the hope some of you will join me. If all fails and it looks rubbish then I will send a text out to the regulars.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Ditchling Beacon South Slope

Hi All,
For anyone wanting to fly the Beacon in a Southerly or South Easterly, we had a great time last weekend flying the back of the traditional North face of the Beacon. The following map shows where to go.

Just thought you all might like to know that it's a brilliant place to fly.


Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Colley Hill. Yesterday playing with the Fusion!

Had four flights (won`t bore you with the rest of the vids)! did some fine tuning as it was set-up well by Rob anyway, just increased  throws to make rolling crisper. Tried to dial in some differential only to find it can`t be done with DX6i in elevon wing mode! Oh well time to look at the new DX6.

A bit of light hearted fun!

Our Isle of Wight Trip - Dont Miss Out!

Our Isle of Wight trip is all booked up for Saturday 31st May. Confirmed so far are Jack, Rob, Clint and I. Going over on the 9.00am ferry from Portsmouth and returning on the 18.30 ferry back to the mainland.
Chris (who flies over on the Island) unfortunately cant make the Saturday we are over there but has been extremely helpful and given me details of where to fly while we are on the Island.
The place looks lovely. CLICK HERE for a map of where we will hopefully be flying!
The trip is open to anyone and we still want more of you to come with us but so far only the people listed above are coming. It will be fantastic days flying if the weather is on our side and if not then we will enjoy a day out at this most beautiful of places. Just let me know if you want to come along.
The exact place we hope to fly!

Monday, 19 May 2014

Trying a new slope.

Best viewed inYouTube.

Ditchling South East slope.

I stayed at the site until 1pm had about a dozen launches but no actual   flights with the  Fusion. The wind increased  and became cooler, as it did the lift diminished.   Only the top 10ft or so of the hill was working, I think it will be worth another try.      A video will be put up after YouTube has finished with it!

Isle of Wight Trip?

Had a good response back regarding us going over to the Isle of Wight for some slope soaring. To give you an idea on price, looking at a normal sized car with two or three passengers plus a load of models traveling on a Saturday in June leaving around 9.00am and returning around 6.00pm then you are looking at £54 travelling Wightlnk  (Portsmouth - Fishbourne) or £41 by Red Funnel (Southampton - East Cowes).
I'm not sure of dates but sometime in the summer I am assuming but the later we leave it and if it's in the summer holidays then the price will be more expensive.
I just wanted to confirm numbers really. Who would Interested in coming along for a day trip Initially (just to see if we like what's on offer) Probably at the weekend or if there is enough interest to go during the week then we could possible look at travelling then and if you would be taking your own car or would be happy to share a vehicle as well as the cost?
Please can you either email me or leave a comment on this post if you're Interested, if you want to share or drive and if your would prefer week days or the weekend.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Ditchling Beacon - The Back And Beyond!

Today Rob, Jack, Clint, Graham and I went to try out a new slope. Most of us have flown the North face of Ditchling Beacon but how many have flown the South / South Easterly bowl at the back of the main slope? Well it was so beautiful up there. A rolling slope (not massively steep) with a valley looking South but turning round towards the East.
We got there at 9.00am and the car park was virtually full. We made our way over to the slope (across the road form the car park). There was a breeze and a slope, so to me that meant lift. Chucked the Ninja off and watched it disappear into thick scrub (chest height brambles, nettles and gorse) and found it up a Hawthorne tree, what a great start!
After many failed ninja launching attempts we left the flying to the floaters (the same floaters that Jack & I had left at home). Rob had his new Dream Flight Libelle, Clint had his Elan and Graham had his trusty motor glider. Here Rob is flying his Libelle.
Graham led the way and showed us that the far part of the bowl was the place to pick up thermals. I rigged my RCRCM Typhoon and walked around the bowl with Rob, Jack and Clint. Well Clint soon got in the swing of thermalling and was soon up so high that Shoreham had him on Radar. I chucked the Typhoon off and after some low circuits over the tree's she picked up the lift and was away. Climbing up and up and I had to drop full landing flap to loose some height followed by a nice landing across the slope. Jack tried out his RCRCM Mini Vec in the same place but the smaller wing just wasn't giving it enough lift in the very light conditions.

After 3 hours up there we retired and left Graham enjoying the lovely view and warming sunshine.
This slope seemed to get the thumbs up from all who attended, with mutterings it was better than Itford and Reigate!

Clint's Latest Purchase....Multiplex Alpina 4m

A lovely Multiplex Alpina 4m. Clint picked this up at Blackbush model show yesterday. Cant wait to see it fly (and have a go) Clint!

Saturday, 17 May 2014

The Ultimate Dog Tease - You will love this one!

Just for you, Rob!

First thermaling flight with my Dream Flight Libelle DLG

I went down the MSF strip earlier with Jack & Tim plus the other power guys from the club. As the power flying finished out came the gliders. I was flying my Dream Flight Libelle DLG glider. After what must have been 20 discus launches I finally caught a thermal. With thermal flaps out and tight turns it climbed away effortlessly. We all reckoned it must have climber to 400 - 500ft (difficult to tell with such a small model) but it was high. Left the area of lift to push into what little wind there was and struggled to find another area of lift and after 12 minutes it was back on the ground. The satisfaction and sense of achievement from getting away from a throw was immense. The Dream Flight Libelle is an excellent DLG glider and for around £115 fully flying its a bargain! Also  we had the bungee out but with little wind the launches weren't that high. Jacks final launch got about 150ft and he managed to eek out the flight for over 5 minutes. That glider of Jack's is knackered, broken and looks like a bag of .... but its floats on a sparrow fart and with Jack on the sticks it goes and goes. Who said you need to spend a fortune in this hobby to have such fun? All in all a very good time flat field flying.

Wolstonbury a challenging session!

Best viewed in YouTube.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Wolstonbury Hill Today

Jack, Clint, Graham and I had an Interesting visit to Wolstonbury Hill today.
What a lovely place and nice and easy to park at and a gentle climb to the top. Today was very stable with a visible Inversion and very little wind. This made for some Interesting flights with all of us getting some flying in and I think most of us catching a few thermals along the way.
When the lift was not sufficient to keep my 3m Algebra in the air (most of the time) I flew my Dream Flight Libelle. Even this struggled with the lack of hill lift but when if found a snifter of a thermal it was away. Getting up very high on a couple of occasions. Hopefully Graham will have some video because my camera was playing up.
I am hoping Sunday will be the day of the weekend! With 10 - 13mph Southerly breeze at 13.00hrs forecast earlier on today. So hopefully see some of you up at Itford Hill flying the Southerly bowl. I don't think its worth an early start as the wind will be SSE and a little lighter. I think we have proved this flying site is best in a Southerly or SSW wind. Lets make a call on location and what time we fly tomorrow so we can get a good handle on the wind direction then.

This the one!

Best viewed in YouTube

Thursday, 15 May 2014

This Sunday's Flying

So tomorrow's flying is covered with us meeting at Wolstonbury around 10.00. See post below for full details. Sunday now looks good with a Southerly breeze 10 - 15mph so I suggest the Southerly bowl at Itford Hill if anyone else fancies joining me?

Quite a long video of soaring at Clayton Hill, West Sussex yesterday. Rob`s new friend does feature briefly!

Friday 16th May Flying

Now we are not driving to Wales anymore I and a few others have a day off work. So what to do?
I have studied and muddled over wind maps, forecasts and my somewhat cloudy crystal ball and can only see light winds in a few different directions. If we are going to fly we need somewhere high and facing in sort of the right direction. I propose Walstonbury Hill as it faces East with a big bowl, so hopefully the wind (what little there may be) funnel up and give us some lift.
So far Jack, Rob, Clint and I will be up at the entrance of the Three Grays stables (Clayton Hill, Pyecombe, Brighton, East Sussex BN45 7FF) at 10.00am tomorrow morning. Things might change but its got to be worth a go.
Click here for a map

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Flying Today at Devil's Dyke

Hi all,
This morning myself, Graham U and Terry B went to Devil's Dyke to fly the light Northerly winds. When we got there we were greeted by 27 para-gliders all in the air and all in the way !
Unlike 2 local fliers (who we know from Mill Hill), we decided not to fly and de-camped to Jack and Jill Windmills.
On arrival there, we were greeted with an empty car park and an empty hill - looked promising.
I then was approached by a dog who was obviously lost and spent the next hour or more trying to find its owner (that included a walk all the way down from Clayton Hill to the village below). Graham and Terry tried to get some flying in the light winds and Graham's electric glider was the better of the two. Terry's Wild Thing hardly got anywhere, but Terry had a lot of walking !
While I was at the bottom of the hill with my new 'friend', I got a call from Graham's mobile saying that the dog's owner was up at the top of the hill. That meant I had to walk all the way back up to Clayton Hill to re-unite dog and owner (both were very grateful, handshake from owner and licks from dog ). I then spent the next 30 minutes sitting on the wet grass trying to recover !
Oh well, no flying but a very good deed was enacted.
After I got my breath back , Graham gave me control of his model, but having taken it very high I was told, 'please try to bring it down, because it's not easy to slow down or land'. This put me in a panic and I subsequently dived this 30 year old model , causing the wings to flutter and Graham to grab the TX to gain control. Quite right my friend Graham , I've never seen wings bend like that ! I'm sorry.
Graham also bought my Fusion this morning , so he can now join in the combat fun when the wind finally returns.
Watch out for further video action from Graham U later today............

Sunday, 11 May 2014

A few short videos from todays escapades.

Today's Flying at Itford Hill (Sun 11th May)

Hi all,
We all arrived at the layby at about the same time this morning (within about 2 minutes of each other), so all 5 of us could walk to the flying point together.
Terry B was about 20 minutes later.
When we got about 1/2 way up the slope, Jack was already flying , so we stopped at that point (why walk any further).
Lift was great, wind was howling at about 33 mph.

Then it started to rain quite a bit , on and off for a reasonable amount of time, it was getting cold and wet by about 10:00.
Geoff D called me to ask is it worth coming ? But I said stay at home in the warm.
In fact the rain eased and we were then able to fly in relatively good conditions for another hour. We all had enough by 11:15.
Many thanks to Pete G, Jack, Marc, Graham U, Terry B and Geoff D (for trying to get there). All-in-all it was worth the trip, but pretty cold.
See you all again soon,

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Our Isle of Wight Friends

A big 'hello' to Chris and his fellow slope soaring friends. Chris contacted us through our blog and has offered to show us some of the fine slope soaring sites on the Isle of Wight. I would love to get the ferry over and try out the cliffs and hills available over there. Chris said he would send me some pictures for us to see what we are missing.
Anyone else up for a day trip to the Isle of Wight for some slope soaring?

Blackbushe Model Airshow. Saturday 17th May.

Anyone, interested in a day out? See some new aeromodelling goodies and some top pilots!                    

Friday, 9 May 2014

Flying on Sunday 11th May

Hi All,
I notice that the wind on Sunday will be direct Westerly and blowing pretty strong, so I suggest we go to Itford Hill Westerly slope (as Terry suggests in the shoutbox). I would venture to suggest that we go in the a.m. , so I would be planning to get to the layby by 10:00 latest and then make our way up to the 'normal' flying site.
Anyone up for coming along ?
I will have my 'new' JR transmitter which I will try out on a couple of models to get the feel of it.

Sloping off to Wales.....

Jack, Clint & I are off to Wales a week today (16th, 17th & 18th May). The weather at the moment is forecasting a cracking weekend with high pressure building and the temperatures soaring into the 70's. A good and variable wind directions should give us some variation in slopes to fly. Lets hope it turns out lovely. Driving up early on Friday morning to get some flying in on Friday afternoon. All day flying on Saturday and if we still want more, fly Sunday am.
Here is a link to 'The Bwlch' from where we will be flying an a mega video from 'The Crest' which looks like we might get to fly from if the wind stays as is forecast. If you're Interested in joining us - get in touch!

Better pack the suntan cream boys!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Waterproof & Flame Retardent Ultra Box Plastic Lockers

Here is my new blog detailing our new range of Ultra Box Plastic Lockers. If you ever need a vandal resistant, rust proof and weather proof locker that is flame retardant then I might have the very product for you. These come as full height lockers and smaller half size plastic lockers for easy convenient personal storage. How about one of these for the storage of your lipo batteries?
They come with 2, 3 & 4 door options and a choice of colours: Red, green, yellow and blue doors. Together with a choice of 6 lock types from a standard key lock, padlock through too combination and card locks. To view our comprehensive range of Ulltrabox plastic lockers then visit out new blog:
If you have a Google account maybe you could follow or like the site for me. Any questions on the all weather fully constructed lockers then feel free to get in contact.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

My latest purchase.....

I was quick off the mark and bagged myself a real bargain off the BMFA classifieds. A Pat Teakle 1/4 scale 4 metre span Pik20.
Complete with flaps, airbrakes, glassed wings and a cool scale pilot. May need a little tidying up but a bargain for £75. Did have to pick it up from Newbury mind!

Monday, 5 May 2014

Flying at Itford today (Mon 5th May)

Hi all,
Here follows a quick report from Terry B who was able to make Itford this morning (unlike a lot of us).

Three wise men turned up for Itford this morning - Graham U, Marc B and myself. Graham was armed with his Mijet, complete with minicam,  Marc had his Fusion and I took along my 60 inch Wildthing and old faithful Middlephase.  The wind on arrival was blowing SSE at about 5-7 mph felt ok but the lift was poor.  Graham and I spent some time testing our low lift skills and Marc wandered off down the slope where he had lots of space (and opportunities) to hone his landing skills.  One of my objectives for the day was to maiden the new aileron wing I had just finished for the Middlephase –the original being just R/E.  The light wind conditions proved perfect for some constructive trials and I’m pleased to say that apart from a bit of re-rigging to the landing (spoileron) mode it’s a winner.  As the morning progressed the wind freshened and by 1230 (leaving time!) it was getting pretty good.  A steady 12 – 14 mph and enough lift to get out there and do a few basic aero’s.
Seems the southern bowl is a bit particular when it comes to wind – unless its coming straight up the slope (true South or SSW) then you need at least 15 mph to get any usable lift.  But as always a lovely place to be on a bright sunny day – and excellent company!

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Monday 5th May at Itford Hill

Hi All,
The plan for tomorrow would be to fly at Itford Hill on the South bowl recommended by Terry and tried by us last weekend with great success. Paul is in Wales, I am busy with family matters, Jack has a lot of stuff on too. So, I don't know if any of you want to use shoutbox to contact one another to meet up tomorrow. I can recommend the South bowl at Itford. Really good.
If any of you meet up, could you please get some pictures or vid , or at least write up how it went on this blog ?
Many thanks, and sorry none of us can make it.
Have a good time whoever goes.


Friday, 2 May 2014

Pleasant evening up at the Beacon

Glad you guys had a great time earlier on in the day up on the Beacon! Well done Marc and 'hello' to Mike S.
Jack, Clint & I met up at the Beacon at 5.30pm. On arrival we were met with low cloud, drizzle and light winds. Slowly the cloud lifted but the wind remained light. We all flew our floaters. Jack with his Gentle Lady, Clint with his Cambrian Elan and me with my 30 year old 3M Algebra. We had a hour in the cold floating around in the light NE wind. Then the cloud and the light drizzle moved away and the wind increased to 7mph. Jack got out his Ninja and Clint his Pzzaz and I got out my newly returned Typhon (thanks Rob!) Jack went of home after a while and left me and Clint flying. The RCRCM Typhoon did a splendid job soaring in such a light wind. Clint did a fantastic job soaring his model and ended the session with a text book landing. Well done Clint!

Great Morning Today at Ditchling Beacon

Hi All,
Marc B asked some of us to go to Ditchling this morning to help him fly his SAS Fusion - it was his first ever flight, so myself, Terry B, David W and Mike S all turned up to help, tutor and support Marc. His first few flights were good , but landing were un-planned ! Then he had 4 or 5 more long soaring sessions which were really very good, so a great well-done to Marc.
Thanks also to Tim who set the Fusion up for Marc before he flew it today.
The rest of us all had a great time too in the 35 mph gusts.
Mike Smallridge brought a converted Twin Jet to fly and promptly gave it to me to trial and trim (thanks Mike !). Anyway it flew like a dream for such a light plane and I look forward to seeing it again. Paul and I are going again tomorrow , so hopefully see some of you up there ? 9:00 at Ditchling Beacon - see Paul's post below . . . . .

Slope soaring this evening and tomorrow morning.

We are going to meet up at Ditchling Beacon around 5.30 - 6.00pm for some evening slope soaring.
Might be a little softer than we have been used too lately so pack a few models if you can. Might even drop enough for the floaters. Jack, Clint, Rob and I will be up there - anyone else?
With regards to the rest of the weekend, I will be sloping tomorrow morning (back up at Ditchling Beacon) from 9.00am and the wind looks on the light side again. After flying I'm taking a long drive up to South Wales (no, not taking any models with me unfortunately!) so someone else needs to organise any flying for Sunday & Monday (hint hint).
Sunday looks Southerly and light but the bank holiday Monday looks like it could be a good day to go and fly the South bowl at Itford Hill but check the wind direction nearer the time to confirm this!