Scale Gliders

Seagull Pilatus B4 (Paul)

Wingspan - 118.1.ins (300cm)
Scale glider with air brakes
Length - 51.6.ins (
Approx flying weight - 5.3-5.7.lbs (2.4-2.6Kg)
Radio - 6 Channel with 7 servos (5 small/ 2 large)

The Pilatus B4 is a scale model of the famous single seat glider and even includes a scale pilot. The airframe is conventionally built using balsa, plywood and veneer to make it stronger that the average ARTF, then covered in Oracover, yet the design allows the aeroplane to be kept light.
This one is still awaiting its maiden flight!

Seagull Ka8b (Paul)
This was an ARTF kit that was converted from a slope soarer to a powered glider with the addition of a long shaft electric motor. 3.0m wingspan with very effective spoilers for pin point landings. Now sold on............

Pat Teakle 1/4 Scale PIK 20D (Paul)
One of those models that I wished I didn't have to sell. A lovely example of scale glider. I actually used to fly one of these but full size (but that's another story). 4.0m span and looked very elegant in the air. Airbrakes and flaps. I only flew her a few times up at Ditchling. 

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