Saturday, 22 March 2014

Dream-Flight Libelle DLG glider

Dream-Flight have been working on a new DLG (Discus Launch Glider) called the Libelle. These have just arrived here in the UK and can be bought from Hyperflight for just £99.00. Well, being a sucker for new technology and loving the look of this new DLG glider, I've bought one!.
The Dream-flight Libelle is a breakthrough in discus launched gliders. Few modelling experiences can be as fulfilling as catching a thermal from a model launched by hand, with no other energy source involved. Until now, this experience has been out of reach to non-expert modellers for a variety of reasons. The Libelle is for everyone; it can be assembled, kitted-out, and trimmed for flight by pilots of any experience level.
Apart from being extremely quick and easy to assemble, the Libelle (which means dragon fly in German) is also reputed to fly excellently, making it a fantastic introduction to discus launch gliding. We haven't actually handled one yet, but already American testers are suggesting it would make a great basis for a one-design discus launch glider F3K competition.
Libelle pilots will get out and glide faster, as many time-saving tasks have been expertly finished at the factory. Utilizing the most modern materials and foam molding techniques, DreamFlight have achieved a durable, lightweight, and super smooth airframe. The entire model is made from purpose-designed components, with all the main parts self-aligning and interlocking. Link to 'Build Thread'
I will keep you informed of my progress and would love to encourage more of you to have a go at DLG gliding. From what I have experienced so far its great fun and what a challenge. The servo's are £4.95 each and from BRC Hobbies (Gening D541BB) and an Alula flight battery that cost £5.47 from T9 Hobbysport plus a AR400 Spektrum full range receiver for £25 off eBay. If you get one of these beauties or already have one, please drop us a line and tell us all about the build and your flying experiences.

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  1. Hi Guys, just so you know have the Libelle on at £97.50 also they have the Battery at £4.99 and AR400 at £22.49 so will be a bit cheaper and also will come in one box:) I've used the SuperTec 6G on mine, as i am sloping it and its great fun, servos are able to take a knock too. Not sure about the Gening servos but heard the other small servos aren't very strong gears so this is why i went a bit bigger also used them on my alula and they work great on them. Also got these from rcmodelcentre. Hope this helps.