PSS (Power Scale Soaring)

Mig 3 (Phil)
Phil's correx built Mig 3 flying at the Bwlch.
These are made from 2 mm and 4 mm correx sheeting and airframes cost approx £20 to build...a cheap and chearful introduction to PSS model flying.

Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet (Tim)
Here is a foamy ME 163 Komet that flies very well. Light weight so doesn't need a gale to fly. It doesn't look like foam - does it?
Hawker Typhoon (Steve H)
Steve's amazing 72'' Hawker Typhoon PSS he is awaiting its maiden flight. Can't wait to see the video Steve.

MB-326 Impala (Steve H)
Steve's  MB-326 Impala made from Correx. It cost abot £70 in& servo's and flies surprisingly well. I'm going to try building other models from correx too.

Phantom F4K (Paul)

A Phantom F4K made by Leicester models. It comes with a fibreglass fuselage and a huge foam veneered wing. It has a span on 48'' and is 54'' long.
P51 Mustang - (Paul)

About my oldest models. Bought about 25 years ago. I purchased in the USA. 48'' span with foam body and wings. Flies in a good blow. Been repaired many times as well as had various RX's and batteries.
Hawk (Rob)

Here's the first PSS model I've had - I got it from a guy in Eastbourne for £17 off  Ebay - it flies really well and there's a lot to be said for the traditional shape , it makes it fly like the real thing (I guess ?)
I didn't make it but it's all built from balsa and covered in solarfilm from the Rivington Hawk part kit - of which I have another kit and some plans too.
It has 2 channels - elevator and ailerons
Hawk (Tim)
Jet Provost (Les)

PSSA Jet Provost is from a plan and woodpack from Traplett. Only flown a couple of times, looks good but needs work still to make fully aerobatic.


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