Sunday, 31 July 2016

My first trip to Rhossili

What a glorious day we all had at Rhossili today. Met up with Steve for a few hours of slope soaring. We were joined by many paragliders. 
Flew my Weasel and M60 and took some good video. Then walked back down to the car park to meet the family. Wetsuits on and down to the beach for an hour and half in the sea on the body boards - totally knackered now!!!!!

Evening dune soaring on the beach

Took the Dream Flight Weasel to Broughton Bay  (The Gower, South Wales) yesterday evening. Flew the larger dunes (30ft high) and had a great time. This was the Weasels first trip out and it went really well. Took lots of good video but don't have a computer here to load up it up from my HD camera. That will have to wait till my return. Then I moved forward and down to the beach. The dunes or bump in the sand was about a metre and a half high. Not great lift at all but shows in what little wind the Weasel will fly in.
Meeting Steve at 10.00am in Rhossili to go fly 'The' hill I have waited for years to fly on. Again will take plenty of video but will load up some phone footage later.
This part of Wales is just amazingly beautiful!!
Hope you don't get bored of my daily reports from Wales?

Friday, 29 July 2016

I'm off on my hols.........

Its a quick hello and a goodbye from me as I am off on my summer hols tomorrow but it wont be all quite as I am taking a few models with me to fly them in South West Wales. I will try and get some pics and write a few posts while I'm away just to keep you up to date with my flying.
There are plenty of you who can post on the site and Rob's already started to suggest some flying sites / times etc for me (thanks Rob).
I'm looking forward to meeting up with the Welsh boys including Steve and Phil.
Don't enjoy yourselves too much in my absence eh!!!!!

Saturday, 23 July 2016

A day of firsts...................

Firstly let me thank all that came along and enjoyed the glorious weather down on our club field.
We had a great turn out with eight of us out flying.
So what about the firsts?
Roger did his first ever bungee with his own build Algebra and didn't he do well. You must have had about five or six launches in the end Roger? Well done.
Our new member Bob made his first visit to our club field and got on very well with everyone. I hope you enjoyed yourself Bob?
Andrew was the first person to land or semi crash on to the golf course. Time to bin that bloody model and get a mouldy. We all know you can fly very well. Go on - spend some money !!!!
Today was the first time for me not to get away while DLG'ing at the field and my first time dodging huge round hay bales on approach. Made landing a little more Interesting. I did get 105 metres off the bungee with my Xpro but couldn't get away to join Graham and Ian. More practice needed there I think.
Ian was the first person to climb away with his DLG in a mega thermal and then went on to spec out his Shadow.
It was the first time Ian and I had flown our DLG's in a 20mph wind and no it wasn't very successful.
It was the first time in ages we have enjoyed Rob's company. It was great to see our good friend back on his feet again and out enjoying himself with his buddies. Nice to have you back Rob.
Any other firsts???????

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Anyone for some flat field flying???

It seems like months since I last flew at our club field and actually I think it has been months but this is about to change. This coming Saturday looks very promising with warm air, light winds and sunshine.
I have spoken with Ian and we hope to get either the winch out or the bungee and do some DLG flying as well as some big floater flying.
Everyone is welcome and if we get a few of us then we could even have a mini comp (don't worry if that's not your thing) as we will accommodate everyone needs.
Hopefully if all goes to plan we will be at the field for 10.30am ready to catch the early thermals.
Members are welcome to fly electric gliders as well.
Lets make it a day to remember as we pay to use the field so lets use it!!!
As usual if you plan to come along then let me know and at least then I can try and contact you if any of the plans change.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Welcome to New Member Bob Pattenden

Hi All,

Just thought I'd let you all know that we have a new member as of now - he's Bob Pattenden from Burgess Hill.
I haven't met Bob yet, but I hope you'll all join me in welcoming Bob to our club and hopefully one of you will arrange to meet Bob soon up a slope to ease him into the hobby.

The reason I say 'one of you' is because I had to go to hospital 3 weeks ago and am now at home recovering. I am unable to drive or travel very far at the moment but I'm recovering slowly and getting to venture further each day. So I hope to see you all again soon.

In the meantime, please help me welcome Bob to our club..

Rob Stanley.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Billy No Mates!

Saturday 9 July 2016

For the first time in ages the weather and free time to fly worked together and I was eager to give my rebuilt Wildthing a good fly after the quick maiden the Sunday before.  Unfortunately nobody was able to join me so expecting to be “Billy no mates” I decided to go to Long Man as it’s a bit closer to me than Mill Hill.  I made it to the car park for about 8.45 only for there to be sea mist covering the hill but by the time I had put my boots on and started walking up the hill luckily the mist was disappearing off east as the wind was picking up!  I was greeted on the slope by a nice a nice couple of guys, Dave and Pete, from 1066 model flying club. 

My Wildthing flew great and seemed much more maneuverable than I remembered pre rebuild.  It was also christened when it had a head on crash with Dave’s Wildthing but both only sustained minor damage and we continued to fly.  It is strange how difficult it is to crash when flying combat but really easy when you are trying to look after the shiny new paintwork!

Later on another bunch of lads arrived with mainly foamies and before long there was half a dozen foamies darting around the sky.  Someone even brought a UMX ASK-21 which to be honest I didn’t think would have a hope of flying in the 20+ mph wind.  There was also a modified £7 chuck glider complete with elevator and ailerons and that didn’t do too bad either!

Not much video I’m afraid as I’m not yet very proficient with the GoPro.