Aerobatic Gliders

Quark (Rob) - Made by Tim
Here's my Quark which I got from Tim, it flies very well in lighter conditions - it's made from balsa and fully built -up wings with Solarfilm covering.
All moving surfaces - Rudder / Elevator / Ailerons

Extremely aerobatic in the right conditions

 Guppy (Tim)
One of the most reactive models I have ever flown. The roll rate is incredible. This little model behaves like a mouldy and not like a foamy model that it is. It accelerates fast and punches into the strongest winds. Some experience is needed to fly this pocket rocket. You could tame down the controls and get a slightly less responsive super ship.

Tracuer (Paul)
The Tracuer is a foamy but more than that it is an amazing aerobatic model. with a 60'' span it is extremely light as in fact it should be put under the 'Ultrabatic' banner. It flies very slow when required and has huge flying surfaces. Ideal for low level aerobatics. She does get very close and personal if required. Flies in 7 - 15mph winds and does need some experience as she will roll very quickly and flip or stall if provoked. Well worth the money but some experience is required for the build.
Tracuer (Tim)
Tracuer (Steve H)
Phase 6 Sport (Tim)
Here is a classic aerobatic kit built kit. Designed by Chriss Foss many years ago but these fantastic gliders never seem to age. This one was built by Tim recently but he has added landing flaps inboard of the ailerons. This should help with those landings where getting out of the lift can be a problem. You need to be a competent builder to take on this kit. It comes with a foam veneered wing but a made up fuselage that takes a lot of finishing to make it look this beautiful.
66'' span and a real looker in the air. Will fly in light winds up to a gale!
A lot of work to build but you will have a good model that should last you many years.
Here is one that Paul used to own that Tim built. It had a fibre glassed body and a neat spray job. Now owned by Adam.

Hacker Vagabond (Paul)
1500mm span Vagabond is foil covered, with all hardware supplied and almost ready to go, requiring only simple and straightforward radio installation - the perfect way to give this fun and radical style of flying a try without all the wrangling with EPP construction, covering and finishing.
I personally prefer the Tracuer over a Vagabond. The Tracuer performs better as an Ultrabatic glider and flies in slightly stronger winds.
These are now available in various colour schemes and with a larger wingspan.


  1. They are all really nice too long to build Id much prefer one ready built :)