Saturday, 28 February 2015

"Floppy" thermalling yesterday.

Sorry Terry couldn`t make Itford yesterday but I did fly my powered FlyFun plane and one flight with  "Floppy" which had three short power runs. The ground was warming and as is evident by clouds forming plenty of thermal activity. The last 40mins of the 58min. flight was pure thermal soaring only terminated by deploying crow, as I had a pressing appointment. Could have easily have stayed aloft for a further hour...oh well!

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Varying Fortunes at Ditchling Beacon Saturday 21st Feb

Hi all,
This morning we decided to go to Ditchling Beacon and walk East until we could find some good lift from the NW wind. When we arrived at the car park, it was shrouded in low cloud and there was no flying to be had.
Paul, Les and I decided to hike East in the expectation that we would find some lift and the cloud would dissipate (hopefully), or we'd just have a nice walk in the cold and wet !
When we got to our destination the wind was about right - straight on the hill, but we couldn't see the bottom of the hill (Sussex !) but overhead it looked like the cloud might be thinning.
Paul launched his Zulu in the marginal lift and it flew pretty well (when we could see it) and as time went by we noticed that Sussex appeared and then Surrey, etc.... came into view accompanied by some lovely sunshine and a reasonable wind.
Les launched his Middle Phase and it flew very well indeed gaining some good height and performing quite a few good landings.
Paul had moved to his Traceur which was a bit light for the conditions (or something), so the flying was marginal, but he got the best out of it given the odd conditions.
I flew my Vagabond which I was trying to set up properly, having never really got it going decently, and after a number of changes to the setup I got it flying straight and quite well only to have it nose-dive in the marginal lift and lost the front-end and 1 servo (oh well can't wait for my Traceur to arrive !).
Les tried a maiden flight of his newly-built Jet Provost which looked very nice indeed and which flew straight and level for about 35 seconds then suffered from lack of lift and hit the ground dislodging the left elevator.
Paul was then flying his Zulu close to the hill (VTPR style) and the ground came up at him removing the tail-fin.
So 5 models, and only 2 survived intact.
Thank goodness I didn't try my 'new' carbon fibre Mini Blade !!
However, the positive aspects are that we made the effort to go, we had a great laugh together, we all had our cobwebs blown away and nothing was completely written-off.
In Summary - another great day Slope Soaring in Sussex .
See you soon

Friday, 20 February 2015

BMFA Classifieds

I'm pleased to say the BMFA Classifieds new website is now up and running. If your looking,  it's a great place to find some good bargains -

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Terry B. giving his Wildthing 60" an airing at Ditchling Beacon today.

Met with Terry middayish at Ditchling Beacon with wall to wall sunshine and 11mph of wind. Terry first flew his Wildthing 46  and I followed with the Mijet.Then as the wind dropped I flew my floppy winged soarer and Terry his 60" Wildthing as seen in the video. As forecast the windspeed dropped and we finished flying just short of 3pm. In all an excellent few hours spent on the slope and catching up with Terry!!

Monday, 16 February 2015

New BMFA Classifieds Service

The BMFA are creating a completely new 'Classifieds' web site. To use this new classifieds service you will need to register (if you haven't already) on the BMFA website.
Here is a link telling you how to register. You do need a PIN no. supplied from the BMFA. I had to send an email to the BMFA asking for a PIN number providing my details and when these were emailed to me I could then register online on the BMFA website.
Good luck !!!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Going Solo..........

Doesn't often happen but nobody could make todays flying at Wolstonbury so I went solo and boy was it worth the trip. The weather was just like a spring day. I couldn't say it was warm (8 degrees) but it wasn't cold and I could fly without gloves or transmitter mitt and still feel my fingers after an hour and a half's flying.
Watch Videos in HD and full screen for best viewing
The wind was between 8 and 12 mph E - ENE which is what was exactly forecast. Having no one else standing next to you meant that I could fly as close as possible and be much more adventurous with my flying. I flew my ZULU which excelled itself with control and manoeuvrability. I was not too impressed when I flew it in 20mph winds but today it was right on the button. I have never flown such a slope glider before. Even inverted (which I still haven't mastered yet) it flew so well. Also I had Tim's Traceur which as usual put up a very confident and balanced performance in the light conditions. I love both of these gliders but today the ZULU won hands down or should that be 'Inverted'.
You know, when I found out no one else was gong to come along today I nearly chucked in the towel and stayed ay home but I am so glad I made the effort as I had one of the best flying days for a very long time.

Phantom F4K PSS Scale Slope Soarer

Here is my latest buy (from eBay). A Phantom F4K made by Leicester models. It comes with a fibreglass fuselage and a huge foam veneered wing. It has a span on 48'' and is 54'' long.
Can't wait to fly it. A little too light the wind today but it should go really well with a little breeze.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Wolstonbury Hill Tomorrow

Hi all. The wind seems to have finally sorted itself out. Its looking like a ENE wind around 8 - 10knts. Not the strongest but it should be OK for foamies and vagabonds alike. In this wind direction there is not a massive choice of slopes. Wolstonbury Hill is the place to go. A lovely sweeping bowl offering good lift and an easy ascent to the top. Parking is limited as we park just outside the 3 Grays riding school and walk up to the bowl. For those who haven't flown there before here is a map. (Rockrose Farm, Clayton Hill, Pyecombe, Brighton, East Sussex BN45 7FF) I'm aiming to get up there at 9.30am.
Here's a video of us flying up there last year if you are interested:

Its easy to fly up there with lots of space to land. Any problems / questions feel free to give me a call 07834 859018.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Hardcore Ultrabatics

Found this video showing some very good Ultrabatics. I must practice more!
These gliders are very similar to the 'Traceur' which  a few of you have ordered and currently waiting for their arrival.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

PSS English Electric Lightning 'FOR SALE'


I have for sale a Flair English Electric Lightning PSS slope soarer. I bought it recently with the intention of refurbishing it and making a super scale slope soarer but It possible wont happen any time soon. It was bought without most of its covering and we didn't know if it would fly, so we put in the gear and launched her off the Beacon. Yes, she flies!!!
Selling without any electrics, servo's or battery (airframe only). Bargain price of just £40

From this.........
Possibly to this.........
With a little bit of love and attention this will make a stunning looking model.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Brilliant Flying Today at Ditchling - Sun 8th Feb

Hi all,
As the Met Office were giving a Northerly wind today, we decided to fly at Ditchling Beacon this morning.
I arrived at 8:45 and was met by Les C. We both moved across the road and started flying - I had the Ninja and Les had his Middle Phase.
We were soon joined by Graham U, Scott T, Ian D, Phil R and Bernie J.
We all flew at various times, Les had the Middle Phase and a Wildthing, Graham U had his re-modelled Mijet and large floppy-wing glider (what IS it called Graham ?), I had the Ninja, Scott had his Wildthing, Ian had his Wildthing , Phil had his Wildthing and Spectre and Bernie had a large moulded glider (name has left me for the moment).
All our models flew well in the stronger than expected wind, which also had a little bit of Westerly in it.
Later on, Graham and Ian D flew their Vagabonds.
My Ninja had a stuck servo, so it hit the ground hard but as ever it just bounced, the servo is completely rigid. Everyone else flew very well and the landings were all soft and event free.
Altogether we had a great time and nothing got broken except my servo !
Graham took some pictures and vid, so will upload later . . . . . . . .
Many thanks to everyone who came along today, it was really good to see you all.
Can't wait for the next one . . . . .

Friday, 6 February 2015

A sample of what South Wales has to offer........

I've had the pleasure of flying up to 'The Bwlch' in South Wales on several occasions now but I hardly feel I've scratched the surface when it comes to flying up there. Steve and his friends have always made me and others from our group most welcome. It's a beautiful place to visit and an amazing place to fly. I will be organising another couple of trips up there this year. Usually over a Fri / Sat / Sun. You wont be disappointed if you make the effort. There are slopes to fly in almost all wind directions.
In this video I met up with Steve on a still day with hardly any breeze so out came the DLG's (Discus Launch Gliders); Here both Steve and I flew our Libelle's of a small tump set back from the main slope. Steve has a great Blog with loads of flying Video's to watch  Click on this Link - A470 Soaring
Jack & I giving the Ninja's some exercise and below is a video of me and the Vagabond flying in a stronger breeze, too much for it really but Interesting and plus it's got some funky music!
So let me know if you would be interested in a slope flying trip to Wales this Spring!

Sunday, 1 February 2015

It's a long way but worth it!

Here is an account of Jef's flying today. He travelled all the way down from Essex. Thanks for making the effort Jef!

Paul / Rob
Thanks for showing me yet another slope today. The car I used is quite economical if you take it easy, so it only cost me about £12 in juice (+£3.34 in Dart charge), as it averaged 66.9mpg over the return journey.
The rough air witnessed in the first attempt to launch, (Paul did nothing wrong, the air was just being mean!) never reappeared, and the second launch was smooth as silk, a great launch.
Landing was sweet as a nut too, despite my fears. The blustering left the Calypso Contest (20 years old this year) alone and the model landed into wind, nosed into some fairly long grass, with brakes off for the last couple of seconds.
The only reason I had to stop flying was the full size activities were a bit worrying as I didn't have a lookout. The first pass they made (there were two of the same design) was at eye level and could have been disastrous.
Anyhow, I had an absolute blast and must have spent at least an hour in the air, so well worth the journey down.Good to see you all there, and while I wasn't with you that much, I did enjoy the camaraderie, and it was flattering to be recognised when I arrived! You (@Paul) were so wrapped up for the conditions, I didn't recognise you at all!
I had never worn full gloves while flying before, but elected to have fingerless gloves under full gloves, four pairs of trousers, five tops (tee shirt, cotton sweatshirt, jumper, fleece sweatshirt, and a zip up fleece) and two balaclavas on. I also had a transmitter mitt tucked inside my fleece to keep the breeze from penetrating the outer fleece's zip, and I stood behind a thigh high clump of gorse for most of the flight; so I was actually warm!
Best regards,

Great Turnout and Scary Flying Today at Ditchling Beacon 1 Feb 15

Hi all,
What a strange day it turned out to be !
I was heading to Ditchling village to find the road was closed..... followed the diversion to Hassocks to find ... the road was closed !!!
Ditchling was shut !
I back-tracked to Clayton windmills and then to A23 / A27 and approached the Beacon from the East.
I called Paul to tell him to do the same and we were able to make the car park.
Les C was there to meet us, followed by Dave W, Ian D and Adam S all of whom had the same story to tell 'Ditchling is closed !' they said..  'yes we know' we said. Thanks to Dave W we found out that it is being re-surfaced.
We decided to fly to the East of the car park, so we crossed the road and I chucked all our models into the air. Paul had his Dragon, Dave had the Spectre, Ian had a Wildthing ,Les had a Middle Phase and Adam had a Phase 6.

After that I was able to launch my own trusty Ninja straight into the barbed wire - twice !
The wind was howling with a N Westerly at 40 mph and the East hill wasn't really working at its best, so we all decided to decamp to the West slope.
We were joined by Jeff O who had come from Essex for the day and Graham T who had brought his dad's Ninja. The Westerly hill worked much better and we all had some flying time in the fierce and wild conditions.
We clocked the wind at over 40 mph and windchill at -4.
We were also joined a bit later by Bernie J who brought his dog (not to fly .... just for a walk !)
By 11:00 most of us had been beaten back by a combination of wind, snow and freezing body parts, except Jeff who soldiered on till I don't know when ?
Thanks very much to all of you who joined us today in the freezing and windy conditions, it is very much appreciated, especially considering that it wasn't a lovely summer's morning.
See you all up a hill soon,
Paul will upload vid, etc... soon.........