Sunday, 28 September 2014

Last weekends mega turnout up on the Beacon

Sorry its taken some time to get this footage of last weekends sloping up on Ditchling Beacon up on you tube but here it is. A mish mash of clips capturing the fun we had that day.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Ditchling Beacon. Sunday 21st Sept.

Run fat boy run.......

I have entered myself into the Brighton 10K run in April 2015. I am hoping to raise a money for Fibromyalgia UK. My daughter suffers from this very debilitating condition but continues to surprise me with her resilience and motivation to get the very most out of life. I am also running a 10K in mid November as a warm up to the big event in April.
If you feel like donating and would like to support me along the way then please visit my 'Just Giving' page:
Any donation however small would be very much appreciated.
Many thanks, Paul

Sunday, 21 September 2014

10 Old fellas and three lovely maidens

Wow, what a day!
A great turnout this morning up on Ditchling Beacon. Rob and I met up at 8.00am and started flying in the cold and cloudy gusty conditions with it blowing about 30mph. Soon joined by Clint, Alan, Graham U, Graham T, Bernie, Tim, Dave W and Geoffrey. Hope I didn't miss anybody?
The flying was fast and furious with the strong breeze giving superb lift. Tim maidened his Messerschmitt 163 and also his NCHM Moth. Both flew very well I am pleased to report and Bernie flew a massive F5J model which the name escapes me. We all got loads of flying in and the banter was as good as it gets. We were joined by many full sized gliders with one flying behind the hill and around us. Got my ideas who that was. Lots of video to follow but it will take me hours to edit and load up on You Tube.
Many thanks for the very good turn out and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did?

Friday, 19 September 2014

Sunday 21st September - Park & Fly !!

Weather Forecast still looks good for Sunday with a predicted 12 - 18mph NNE winds. We are planning to meet between 9.00 and 9.30am up at Ditchling Beacon car park. Wander across the road and chuck your model off - simple as that!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Looking ahead to the weekend.

Hi all
Given the success of last weekend's slope soaring I thought I might try and encourage some more slopers out this coming Sunday. Currently (as of today and this may well change) the forecast for Sunday looks good!  N - NNE 10 -20mph warm with no rain. So could be good for somewhere along the South Downs. Add 5mph to the wind speed and it could be good - very good.
Come along and enjoy the flying, banter and some fully ballasted M60's..........
Training offered to those who want it and for those who need it but don't want it, I will bring along a big black bag and help pick up the bits.
So, get your slope soarers on charge and fingers crossed we will have another great morning sloping.
I will send out an email later on in the week with a weather update and possible flying sites.

Monday, 15 September 2014

A short bit showing Paul flying his Vagabond. Wolstonbury Hill 14/09/14.

The rest is just mini-cam on Mijet.

M60 Dynamic Soaring (DS ing)

Yesterday we were discussing Dynamic Soaring (DS) and using the M60's and here is a video of them using a M60 to very good effect while DS ing. You need a good slope with the wind blowing down the hill (not up it as conventional slope soaring). The glider picks up speed while travelling down the hill and you use its speed and inertia to climb back up again and each lap the model picks up more speed and inertia. How it does this and why I couldn't explain but here is a link to a site that can -
Anyone know of a suitable flying site for us to give it a try?

M60 Fully Ballasted

This one is for you fans of the M60! I found this video of a fully ballasted NCFM M60 on our favourite video channel. Both Clint and I have where out yesterday with M60's and where wondering how well they would go with a load of weight on board - Well this is how well they would go.....
Anyone else out there have one? We are keen to try out a bit of racing with these rocket ships. I am very Impressed with this model. Its stable and carries its speed well but slows up when required.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

A great mornings Wolstonbury Hill

Graham,Clint, Geoffrey and I met up at the stables car park just below Wolstonbury Hill. We made our way all the way round to the top of the bowl where the wind was strongest and the lift was the best. We were joined by Alan a new recruit to the group and Marc who had walked up from a distant part of the hill to fly with us, so not such a bad turnout. The lift was strong at times and we all flew various gliders that we had taken. Graham flew his Myjet and Vagabond. Clint flew his Pizzaz, M60 and his latest acquisition the Multiplex Blizzard which he flew extremely well. Everyone who flew it agreed was a good machine with great penetration and turn off speed. If anyone is Interested Tim has another one of these gliders for sale (but maybe not for long!). Clint and I spent a good hour with the M60's chasing each other around the bowl and Geoffrey was concentrating hard keeping his Spektra up and getting back in the swing of things again. Marc seem to spend a lot of time walking in all directions to collect his model but at least he is fit enough and enjoys walking.

We had a good time flying for about two and a half hours then w packed up and wandered around the bowl only to be hit with a stronger wing with a Northerly component. Quick get the models out again and we flew for another 15 mins, Clint and I where playing silly beggars with our M60's which resulted in a 'racing Incident' well actually Clint's glider hit mine but he wouldn't man up and admit it.
We both wait for the video evidence to follow. Anyway both aircraft continued to fly and make reasonable landings. A thoroughly enjoyable morning flying up on Wolstonbury Hill and there was no problem with the parking.
I understand from Rob that Terry and Jef went and flew at Ditchling. Let us know how you got on guys?

Friday, 12 September 2014

This Sunday - 14th September

Hi all
I went down and flew at both Ditchling Beacon and Wolstonbury Hill this evening. Both hills worked but one better than the other, which was Wolstonbury Hill.
One handed picture whilst still trying to fly!
Maybe I should try it more often?
So, I am going to take a punt with Wolstonbury Hill on Sunday morning from 9.00. Its a good sized bowl and the wind does get funnelled nicely up into good lift. The only down side to this place is the limited parking, Please be warned 8 cars maximum and then your having to find alternative parking but no sure where. I suggest as many as us should car share. Either meet up at Jack and Jill and take one car over to 'The Three Grays' stable yard car park or arrange between you to pick someone up. I put a link on my previous post a few days back yo exactly where this place is if your not sure.
The latest weather forecast (from XC) show a ENE wind at 10 - 17mph but add a few mph on as its up around 800ft high.Park (if you can) in front of the yard at the top of the road and walk up the track for about 5 mins. Then you will come to a cross roads of paths. Look for the gate slightly to your right and go through there and into the field. Walk up the hill and the bowl is on your left and ahead of you. Any problems / questions, please just give me a call.
Paul 07834 859018 

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Some gentle Libelle soaring off Wolstonbury Hill!

Sloping - Sunday 14th September

Hi all.
This is an early call out for the forthcoming weekend and it looks good for Sunday (14th) with a 12 - 22mph NE wind which means it should be good up at Ditchling Beacon. The weather looks reasonable with sunshine and 22 degree's. We know it can be a pain getting parked at Ditchling on a Sunday so how about we meet up at 9.00 - 9.30 for 2/3 hours slope soaring?
Let me know if your up for some slope soaring fun...............

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Have been flying today at a not anymore secret flying site! (Google: RAF Enstone history)

I have spent the weekend at Enstone Airfield, for a non aeronautical event, however, had the chance to give the Libelle a few flings! Joined a few Red Kites, shared their thermal for a few minutes today! Went to White Horse Uffington yesterday, lovely site, just no wind ...oh well...went through some really Olde Worlde villages.                                    

Flat Field Gliding at a Secret Location in Sussex

Hi All,
This afternoon , as there was little or no wind, we decided to go flat-field flying at a location close to Horsham belonging to one of our close friends.
Paul, Tim, Clint and I went to the newly-cut field near Shipley and set up our winch.
We started by flying our DLGs but the Libelle couldn't (or wouldn't) find any lift, but Paul's carbon-fibre DLG found some lift but very little. Paul's electric-powered glider , the Palio, (bought on his way back from the IOW trip earlier this year) was brought out and that went away and found a massive amount of lift and was up with the gods for at least 15 minutes.
I brought out my electric profile Sukhoi (I know, it's not a glider) and that flew very well - what a surprise !
Then I launched my Algebra from the winch (twice) and had trouble finding any lift to get it higher, consequently it hit a tree and landed heavily !
Clint flew my Sukhoi until the battery ran out and Paul flew his Palio, both with great success.
Overall, a great afternoon of fun but there's some minor repairs to do on the Algebra.