Wednesday, 26 November 2014

It was obviously not meant to be.......

Here is the latest thrilling instalment regarding my 'Airliner' I purchased recently that arrived damaged and with two wings the same.
Andy at Robotbirds has looked at the only other Airliner model he has in stock and found that this has superficial damage and doesn't want to replace this one he has with the one I have. So he will collect the Incomplete kit I have and refund me my money. This then causes me another problem as I have ordered the decal set from China which according to them has already been despatched to me. So I will have a decal set for a model that I don't have - Thanks Robotbirds!
This is the second time I have attempted to purchase a Windrider kit and it will definitely be the last.
Just have to buy something else - Any suggestions?

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Sunday 30th November - Could be good!

I getting really fed up with this rubbish weather - are you?
Looking ahead at this coming weekend and we could be in for a good flying day for once!
I've looked at XC Weather and the BBC and both are indicating (finger in the air job) that Sunday should be blowing NE and with a good strength. Too early to be a definite but fingers crossed its a positive sign...........
Who wants to come slope soaring on Sunday at Ditchling Beacon if the weather gods are on our side?

You couldn't make it up.........

Just opened the box with the wings in for another look and then noticed I have two right hand wings !!!!!!!
What the *&%$!! is going on?

Well its arrived but............!!

My Windrider Airliner arrived today from Robotbirds.
To say I am a little disappointed is an understatement. The fuselage was filthy as it has been packed in Chinese newspapers and the print seems to have rubbed off onto the white EPS. From the age of the newspaper I can only assume this model is from 2006 given the date printed on the newspaper used to pack the glider.
Also, the wing has some damage and one of the engine pylons has broken in two!
What to do????
I have ordered the British Airways decal set from China and that's on its way and speaking with Robotbirds they say send it back for a refund but what a palaver anyway if the glider is damaged then its their responsibility to collect the model. Problem is I really wanted this glider after all the hassle and agro I had with the Windrider 737 not turning up from China I don't need the hassle.
I have managed to wipe some of the crap of the fuselage but its not in the condition you would expect a brand new model to turn up in. I surprised it was ever sent our from Robotbirds in this condition. I have emailed them with pictures and I am awaiting their comments.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Our New Club Starts

Hi All,
Today I was able to complete the BMFA paperwork to affiliate our new club.
I found out that next year's membership of BMFA is unchanged at £32, so I was able to fill in the final parts of our paperwork and send it off this afternoon.
This means that in 2015 we will be a fully affiliated BMFA club with all the benefits that offers us, as well as having our own field to use for launching gliders and for use in competitions.
We await the final confirmation of our new field acquisition, but are confident it will proceed.
Once we have ownership, we will be busy preparing the gates, access and signage to allow us to fly gliders almost unrestricted throughout the coming year.

We will be holding an inaugural AGM in December for our members, but welcome anyone else who might be interested to come and join in, maybe join up, and definitely join the fun !

Best regards

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Many Thanks for Buying The Typhoon

Very many thanks to the guy from Canvey Island (who I met this morning at Gatwick), for buying my Typhoon. I really hope he has fun with it. We enjoyed flying Paul's while he had it, so I'm sure the new owner will love it . . . . .

Friday, 21 November 2014

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Windrider Airbus A380 Airliner Glider

My new toy.........Windrider Airbus A380 Airliner
Bought from Robotbirds in the UK but having to order the airline's decal stickers from Windrider in China.
Decided to go for the British Airways colour scheme. Should look good! Here is a video of one of these Airbus A380 gliders in flight.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Zulu - a new concept in EPP Slope Soaring

Thanks to Clint for highlighting a new (well new to me anyway) 'Zulu' 48'' EPP slope soarer glider with conventional elevons but also having leading edge 'drooperons' that work in conjunction with the elevons. These are available to pre-order from Richard at T9 HobbySport both Clint and I have pre-ordered one each but we still are awaiting confirmation of the price.
Here is an link explanation on how 'Drooperons' work or watch the video below that shows how the leading edge moves when inputs are made through the elevons.

The Zulu looks like bloody good fun!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Tim's been clowning around again!

Tim's been keeping himself busy the last week or so building a new Traceur 2 RC glider. But this one has an aquatic theme based on a Clown Fish. I think it looks bloody good! Just needs some laminate film to finish it all off.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Just Loopy!

Now, I didn't think you could loop a Paraglider?

You have got to be mad!

Thanks Terry for providing us with this link to what is a must watch video for any adrenalin junky or may be just the mentally unstable Individual - I loved it, so I'm not sure which category I fall in too?
Click here to watch.............

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Our New Club Is About To Start

Hi Everyone,
As Paul said a few days ago, thanks to our brilliant contact (and potential new club member ?), we have got access to a great field near Burgess Hill. This is a valuable asset for any club, a place to be able to set up our winch, or the bungee to launch thermal gliders. Also a place for electric gliders to be powered skywards before making the best of any thermals or wind conditions to complete that long glide back to earth.
I wanted to bring people up-to-date on the current status of our club - Slope Soaring Sussex (yes I know it says 'Slope Soaring' , but we do a lot of that too !).
Currently we have 8 members who are signed up and ready to go plus 2 potential members, but we would like to have more people if possible. The point being that the cost of the new field, the winch, the bungee, the battery and the charger all have to be covered, plus new padlocks for the field gates, so the more members we get, the cheaper it all becomes.
We are awaiting the BMFA AGM on 24th November, where they decide on next year's membership fees before we can let our new members know what we will be charged for our first year. It would be great if we could get at least 10 confirmed members, thereby making our club one of the cheapest in this area to join !

If you have been considering flying from a flat field with your glider (whether thermal, electric or DLG), please let Paul or I know and we can explain the benefits of  our new field and maybe talk you into joining us ?
I would like to send my thanks to all those who have joined us so far
Very best regards


Thursday, 6 November 2014

New Members Welcome!

Finally we have enough willing members to get our new model flying club off the ground. Five off us have signed up and soon we will be a fully BMFA affiliated club. Today Rob and I met up with someone who has been totally responsible for finding us a flat field site for our new club to use and fly from near Burgess Hill.
The field is huge (10 acres) I think with large uninterrupted approaches from all wind directions.
We will be able to bungee and winch from here as well as fly DLG or use electric powered gliders. We will need help maintain the field but we do have the use of a tractor and topper to keep the grass down. Our new club will have something to offer everyone with the added bonus of a 7 day a week flying field !
we will be offering training and support to new model flyers as well companionship and the social side of flying to the more experienced flyers.
If you think you could be Interested in joining our brand new club then feel free to contact either myself or Rob for more details.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Some more fast Soaring from the I.W.

Hi All
Here is another report from us on the Island, we went to Stenbury again today as the wind was SW, this slope always lifts well if it is blowing from this direction, myself, Tony, Bill, Roger, Keith, John, Barry, Paul, Brian were all present on the hill.

When we got there the wind was was reading 12mph but soon picked up within half an hour to 30+, the two Moths of Tony and Bills were the star performers again, they seem to love the strong winds, I wanted  to setup my Whisper, but really need about a 15mph tops I reckon to be safe until I have the Crow set up properly, so that stayed in the car.

Barry flew his Jet....... for about 20 seconds, watch carefully and you will see it go in, not really any damage though.

Hope you enjoy the footage.


Anyone for sand dune flying?

Yesterday Clint, Graham and I spoke about the possibility of slope soaring sand dunes. I mentioned the nearest ones I knew off where down at Camber Sands in East Sussex.
Here is a little video of someone flying a mouldy off the dunes at a location in Kent.

Looking at Google Earth the beach faces Southerly and gently bends round SW. What do you guys think of taking a trip to the dunes for some beach soaring?
Do you know of any other dunes worth visiting in Kent / Sussex?
Here is a map link to Camber Sands if you are Interetsed:
Here is a video of full size gliders and Paragliders soaring sand dunes in Holland.