DLG (Discus Launch Gliders)

Libelle DLG (Paul)
I love this cheap foamy DLG (Discus Launch Glider). I have owned it now for a few years and have on various occasions been fortunate to get away into thermals from flat field flying.
The Dream-flight Libelle is a breakthrough in discus launched gliders. Few modelling experiences can be as fulfilling as catching a thermal from a model launched by hand, with no other energy source involved. Until now, this experience has been out of reach to non-expert modellers. The Libelle changes this, it can be assembled, kitted-out, and trimmed for flight by pilots of any experience level, and for a smaller budget.
  • "ARG" Almost Ready to Glide - Get into the air faster with this quick assembly design!
  • 100% self-aligning airframe produces a perfectly trimmed model for all skill levels
  • Precision-molded EPO foam and composite parts ensure easy assembly and best performance
  • Carbon fibre tail boom, wing spars, and pushrods produce a lightweight, durable airframe
  • Highly efficient and graceful design for maximum enjoyment in light lift conditions
  • Left or right handed wingtip launch system - Zoom to thermal catching altitude with ease!
  • Flight and Assembly Manual provides thoughtful assembly and DLG soaring techniques

Libelle DLG (Rob)

Longshot Disser DLG (Paul)
A stronger model than the Libelle. made from carbon fibre and glass fibre. 1500mm wingspan. Foam tail surfaces. Flies well but needs rudder linking in with the ailerons. Penetrates well into wind and gets a higher launch than the Libelle.

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