Sunday, 30 October 2016

For Sale

Richter Weasel - 36" - RTF

Never flown. All new build including metal geared servos, Nimh battery and Spektrum receiver.


Moth - 48" - RTF

Never flown. All new build including Hitec metal geared servos, eneloop Nimh battery and Spektrum receiver.


 Contact Tim -

Saturday, 29 October 2016

29th and 30th October

Hi All,
I have been looking forward to getting some flying with my new mouldies and some other models I acquired from Bob P who was downsizing his collection. Unfortunately, the forecast for this coming weekend currently gives very light winds  - with Saturday giving 5 MPH SE and Sunday 8 MPH ENE to E. There won't be much in the way of temperature to help with thermal soaring at the field either so watch the ShoutBox in case something changes.....

I am therefore currently not planning to fly this weekend unless something dramatic changes with the weather.

Please let us know if you intend to go somewhere - I have got the Traceur, Libelle and Zulu all of which will fly in light winds but I know from experience that more than 5 MPH is required!!!

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Update From BMFA on the EASA Proposals to Restrict Model Aircraft

Hi All,
I just got this update from the BMFA.
It seems that EASA are actually listening to us and other RC aircraft bodies -


Looks like EASA has got the message.

A big thanks needs to go out to Dave Phipps BMFA Chief Executive for the amount of work he is doing to protect out hobby. 

The rulemaking team at EASA have asked me to notify members that the deadline for feedback on the Prototype Rules was 15th October. We understand that they are still receiving dozens of emails per day, mainly from the U.K! Thank you to all those members who provided constructive feedback.

The formal feedback response submitted to EASA on behalf of FAI & Europe Air Sports has been published here:

The level of response from the model flying community (especially from the UK) has taken EASA by surprise and they now concede publicly that the Protoype Rules do not adequately address the needs of established model flyers. In an effort to resolve this situation, EASA have now announced the formation of a small 'Expert Group' which will include representation from the European model flying community. EASA hope that working with the 'Expert Group' will allow them to refine their proposals and incorporate amendments which will make the regulations more acceptable. It is envisaged that the 'Expert Group' will provide their input over the course of four meetings at EASA's headquarters in Cologne.

The four proposed amendments to the Basic Regulation prepared by Europe Air Sports and submitted to the European Parliament were deferred from the October meeting of the TRAN Committee. There were over 1000 amendments proposed in all, with 50-100 of them relating to unmanned aircraft. Key MEP's have been in discussion and have been working to 'distill' the amendments down to a more manageable number. They have developed a proposed 'compromise' amendment which stops short of removing model flying from EASA's competence altogether which is disappointing. However, the proposed 'compromise' would add a statement on model flying to the 'Recital' of the Basic Regulation which would be legally binding and would serve to compel EASA to develop regulations which would allow model flying to continue to operate as it does currently. If the 'compromise' is adopted, the amendments proposed by Europe Air Sports will fall. The vote on the amendments is likely to take place on the 10th November.

The timescale for the publication of EASA's formal regulations for feedback is now slipping and is now scheduled for the end of March 2017 rather than before the end of 2016 as originally intended.

In an initiative lead by Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the UK, a number of model flying associations are meeting in Friedrichshafen on the 28th October to embark on the process of forming the European Model Flying Union (EMFU) to co-ordinate efforts to defend the rights of the 500,000+ model flyers throughout Europe. EASA have already confirmed their agreement to meet with representatives from the EMFU in the near future.
Rob Stanley
Hon. Sec.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Wireless Trainer Mode Set-up

Hi All,
Following my sessions with Jim and Ray lately, I decided to set up my transmitter to work in wireless trainer mode, so I can take control and hand control of a model during training. It was surprisingly easy and I used my old Dx6i DSM2 transmitter as the 'slave' and my Dx9 as the 'Master'. It's simply a case of 'binding' the 'Master' to a model, then enter 'wireless trainer mode' and 'bind' the slave transmitter to the 'master'. Hey presto, I'm now set up to be able to help members who are training / learning without having to grab their transmitter to regain control.
I should have done this a long time ago ! ......


Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Weds 19 Oct Devils Dyke

Hi All,
We all met up this morning at Devils Dyke car park as arranged.
There was me, Ian A, Ian D, Graham U, Jim H and Ray Lamb who might join the club after trying some flying.
The wind was a little Westerly to begin with but there was plenty of lift albeit blustery near the hillside. We were constantly aware of the hang-gliders to our right and sometimes above us, but usually too high to worry us. However, it would be better if they stuck to their agreed airspace once in a while !
We all brought a selection of models to fly and everyone took home the same number of glider parts they arrived with, for a change.
Ian D has joined us again after a long time off over the summer when he takes his classic car (hot rod ?) all over the place to car shows, etc... but slotted straight back into the routine with a lot of great flights. Ian also very kindly lent me his Wildthing, allowing me to give Ray some instruction on his first flights at slope soaring. Ray did well for a complete beginner. Keep your nerve Ray !
I spent some time helping Jim H with his landing technique, but we're still working on it together and will crack it soon.

The others had a pretty un-eventful session and after 2 hours we all decided it was time to leave except for Ian D who stayed on.
I know Graham U took some video, so he might upload some to go with this post .....

Monday, 17 October 2016

Catch up with you all soon

I will be leaving you in Rob's very capable hands for a few weeks while I go and check out the soaring sites in Barbados. It a tough job but as the club's chairman I thought I had to lead by example and step up to the challenge. I hope you guys get in some decent soaring while I'm away and for those who can post on the blog - please do.........
See you all in November !!!!

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Millfield Wave Flight

Great video of Craig flying his DG800 in wave over the Scottish borders.

Update on EASA Proposals To Regulate Unmanned Aircraft

Hi All,
There has been an update from the BMFA regarding the EASA proposal to restrict unmanned aircraft. It would seem that there has been some movement by EASA and they are now beginning to understand that they can't (or shouldn't) lump every unmanned aircraft into a single category.
The update can be found here on the BMFA website -

Rob Stanley
Hon. Sec.

Returning Club Member

Hi All,
I'm sure most of you remember Will Attfield, who was a member during 2015, but for personal reasons had to 'suspend' membership for a while.
Well our friend Will has now come back to join us and has been along to the last 2 weekend flying sessions, so some of you will have met (or re-met) him recently.
I'm sure you will all join me in welcoming Will back to the club.


Tuesday, 11 October 2016

New Member of the Club

Hi All,
I wanted to let you all know that we have yet another new member  - his name is Peter Norton and some of you met him on Sunday up at the Beacon.
Peter is an old friend of Paul, Tim and mine from Mid Sussex Fliers and he has now decided to also become a member of our club.
He lives in Danehill so is local like the bulk of us.
Peter has a lot of flying experience of gliders and power models, and I'm sure you will all join me in welcoming Peter to the club.

Rob Stanley
Hon. Sec.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Big Turnout for Ditchling 9/10/16

Hi All,
We had a bumper turnout this morning at Ditchling Beacon to take advantage of the great NE wind.
Paul, Ian A, Will and I all met at 08:30 and walked East across the road and along the ridge until we got to the second bowl where we felt the lift was working better.
We were soon joined by Bob P who also showed the way for a potential new member Ray Lamb.
Next to arrive was Graham U followed by our old friend from Mid Sussex Fliers Peter Norton.
I cannot remember all the details of who flew which models, there was a lot going on , but here is what I saw happening -
Paul and Ian flew their M60s and I flew my Moth, we found that the lift was minimal close to the hill, but further out it was working really well.
Paul let Will fly his trusty Ninja and we were all impressed with Will's skill, despite a year off ! His landings were getting very good towards the end.
I set up my Impulse 2 and after a check-out I launched for Paul to fly / trim. I then took over and loved it but asked Paul to land for me despite it being programmed by Tim for crow braking, etc... I just didn't feel on top of my game. Thanks Paul, next time I will do it all on my own (I hope).
Paul launched his enormous scale K18 which flew with great authority - it looked so majestic up where it belongs. On landing, one of the air brakes got stuck up, so it was tending to rotate a little, but Paul managed to get it down safely. Subsequent flights proved to be trouble free.
Graham launched his yellow carbon-fibre mouldie (name has gone for now), but he quickly shouted 'no signal' and with that, the model was turned into more pieces than he came with. On collecting it, Graham tested the rx and all worked fine !!! I don't know if it will be repaired. Graham then reverted to flying his HK Ridge Ryder - great fun for £30.
Ian A launched his big mouldie that he acquired from Will and it looked truly brilliant in the hands of an expert. I hope to be able to fly that well some day.
Peter Norton brought 2 models that he said hadn't flown for many years, but they looked immaculate (as all his models do) and they flew really well. Peter hadn't flown sloping for many years but he got it all right on the day, except for one hard landing which left the v-tail model needing the tail to be secured a bit better.
Bob P flew his Wildthing and from what I saw he was doing a great job of it. I don't remember if he had any other models today (sorry Bob).
As we were almost stopping for the day, we were joined by new member Rob P with his son James. They flew a Wildthing for James on the buddy lead and a beautiful black carbon-fibre 'rocket' for Rob (again I can't remember the name, but it looked fantastic).

Sorry if I forgot anyone or anything, but there was so much going on that I'm sure I missed loads.
If anyone wants to add their own additions to this, please feel free.
Paul will upload some video later today / tomorrow I think.

Many thanks to all of you for making this a day to remember - great fun..


Thursday, 6 October 2016

We need your help!!!

The BMFA have asked us (clubs) to forward this to all our members to bring to their attention the fact that EASA are going to restrict all model flying by clumping them all together under the Unmanned Vehicle category. This legislation is really aimed at multi-copters, but will cover everything unless we do something to stop it....... read below from BMFA ...
Rob Stanley.
From BMFA ----------------------------------

As you will have read in the latest BMFA news the European Law Makers want to bring in Strict control over what they call drones, unfortunately the are having a hard time differentiating between Multi Rotor/Quads and the type of craft flown by the majority of us, so the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) are classing all unmanned aircraft (UAs) as drones.

These new rulings will affect us all and despite the fact that we are actually leaving the Common Market the will still be in affect once we finally leave the EU.

What can we do, as Dave Phipps put in the article we can contact our MP’s MEP’s and EASA and urge then not to proceed with this. Something along the lines of: I would suggest you express serious concern over this Prototype Regulation, highlight the good safety record of model aircraft operation under the control of the BMFA in collaboration with the CAA and that "traditional" model aircraft operation be clearly separated from "Drone" operation which is very different. Express your confidence in the BMFA (with the CAA) regulating Model aircraft operation safely wihin the UK.

MP find at:

Also sign the Petition Block or change the EASA Commission Regulation on Unmanned Aircraft Operations at

We don’t have long as they vote next month so become a keyboard warrior and get Emailing,

Stuart Willis

South East Area Chairman, Council Delegate and BMFA member.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Libelle at the beach...

Soaring last week near Hayling Island ferry.

Our social tomorrow evening

Just a reminder that our social will be held tomorrow evening et The Ardingly Inn (Street Lane, Ardingly RH17 6UA) starting around 7.00pm but don't worry if you are a little late (better late than never!!). As I understand some of you are late getting back from work.
Would be nice to see as many of you as possible. Food available in the pub.
See you tomorrow..................................

Monday, 3 October 2016

Soaring Butser Hill, Hampshire.

 SWesterly is not the best direction for Butser. Tried the bowl which was very rough and not much lift fortunately electric power assist  is permitted. This is the first vid of the Proxima11, showed up the chattering flap servo! Decided to try opposite side of the hill with Orange Thing, which didn`t have so much blow and was smoother, still needed a little assist.  Butser Hill works best in a Northerly. It`s  been forty years since I entered an MVSA pylon race and was hoping to fly the same Mijet but the conditions were not suitable for the few days I was in the area.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Sunday 2nd Oct Devils Dyke

Hi All,
After deliberating over where to fly given the changing wind forecasts, we decided to go to the Dyke early this morning. We pretty much all arrived at the same time - 08:30.
There was Paul, Ian A, Jim, Rob, Andrew and Graham U. Paul had also picked up our old friend Will Attfield on his way to the hill.
The wind was stronger than I expected but certainly enough for us all to fly our models, however we were in the midst of an invasion of hang-gliders and para-gliders, who luckily stayed within their agreed area so they didn't affect us much.
Without going into too much detail about who brought which model, here's what I can remember from the morning's flying -
Paul brought his Ninja so that Will could have a go at refreshing his flying skills after a year off, which he did with remarkable skill, he also had a flight of Ian's mouldie (don't know which one) and that too looked very skilful - well done Will, it's like you never left !
Andrew brought his Brio so that he could do the final setting up which he accomplished with a lot of help and advice from Graham U, who was invaluable. After it was deemed RTF, Paul took it up and had a couple of flights during which some other minor setup issues were ironed-out. Very brave of Paul but after all he IS our leader !
I brought the Fusion 60 which I had recovered from the cliffs at Newhaven and that flew brilliantly - Andrew also had quite a long session with it, preferring to fly foam rather than mouldie on this occasion.
Ian A had a 'new' M60 from Tim H and that was doing brilliantly , he then moved on to his mouldie (not sure which one), which he let Will fly for a while - that was both kind and brave !! Ian flew with his usual skill and made perfect landings as ever.
Graham U had 2 of his mouldies - the Proxima 2 and another - both flew very well as Graham is an accomplished mouldie flier and spends a lot of time flying and practicing with these models - it certainly shows - practice makes perfect.
Jim had brought a Wildthing 60 which he bought to replace the lost Spectre. After Ian trimmed it for him, Jim was left to practice flying and landing. I gave Jim some ideas about his landings and by the end he made a brilliant controlled landing, rather than tending to land too far behind the hill -  I hope Jim didn't mind my interfering.

We were also joined by a number of other local fliers including Rob Creasey who I have met a number of times on various hills - he was flying a Blade today. Rob is one of our area Chief Examiners.

Altogether we all had a great time and as usual when we left, Graham U was still in the air - I hope it all went well for him ?


Good candidate for PSS?

Just came across this a/c online - the Curtiss C46 commando - a bit chubby but I kinda like it...