Electric Powered Gliders

Chris Foss Multi-Phase (Paul)
144'' span electric powered thermal soarer. Designed in the mid 1980's but this one was only build in the last few years. It's still siting on a shelf waiting its first flight. Must go and give it a go!
Multiplex Cularis (Roger)
Multiplex Cularis.
It was very easy to build - the only fiddle really being the servo-lead plugs in the wing roots. This has caused constant problems with loose connections to the wing servos. In the end I've just left the aileron plugs as 'automatic' connections and I manually connect the flap servos, pulling the lead back through a hole in the botom of the wing as I attach the wing to the fuse. Then a piece of tape cover it. Agricultural but it works!
On the plus side it's got s great scale look and good presence in the air. It flies faster than my other gliders, which took a bit of getting used to but will slow down nicely with a bit of camber, set up on the Tx.
Hollein Thermal Instinct (Steve H)
Steve's Hollein Thermal Instinct F5J, 2.8m model, a great EP thermal soarer. He also has its smaller 2m model, the Climax Compact.
Nan Omega (Paul)
Very light powered glider that performs really well from the flat or up on the slope without having to use the motor. 2 Metre span and is powered by 1300Mah 3S lipo's but still weighs in less than 1Kg including the lipo. Very powerful motor and climbs like a rocket. Can be used as a hot liner but I prefer to use it as a thermal soarer. Looks very much like a RCRCM Typhoon but its a stronger and a much better quality model in my opinion. Landing flaps very effective. Nice model !!
Cost around £300 plus motor and radio gear.
Scorpio Palio (Paul)
I have had loads of good thermic flights with this powered glider. 100'' span Rudder / Elevator. Not the most fantastic climb out as its an old motor but when the motor is switched off and the prop folds back she floats around on nothing. Easy to fly and easily seen in the air. Good value for money at £100.
JP Pretty (Rob)
I first bought a J Perkins Pretty when I was flying at Mid Sussex Flyers, but I found that I preferred its gliding capabilities to the electric flying, so I decided to take it up to the slopes and chuck it off a hill - which I did to my great enjoyment.
Since then (4 years ago) I have had 3 of these and still own 2 (one of which is in the box as spares)
This one is re-covered in Solartex for strength and it flies really well, but isn't the greatest glider in the world - it has all 4 surfaces moving (rudder, elevator, ailerons) and a motor too.
It comes ARTF and is easy to put together , it has everything except the battery provided for about £96
I like it a lot , but it isn't the best glider I've ever owned

ASK23 Powered Glider (Jim)
ASK23 - electric glider 2300 wingspan three channel. Bought it second hand at the bring and buy at the Southern Model RC show at Headcorn. Took it to the field once but a bit too windy and haven’t had a go since

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