Saturday, 30 January 2016

Saturday 30th January

Hi All,
We decided to try Itford Hill this afternoon at 12:00 just after the forecast rain will have gone.
In fact when we arrived it was overcast but there seemed to be some clear sky on the horizon.
I arrived to be met to 2 new potential members - Mark Johnson and Ian Lisseter. We all walked up the hill together and although Ian didn't have any models, he was very interested to learn about RC gliding. Ian flies free-flight models.
Mark had a foamie model but when it was being pre-flight checked, one of the aileron horns was loose, so that stopped Mark in his tracks unfortunately.
I brought the Moth and the newly-acquired (from Ebay) 60" Fusion. Both flew very well.
Paul then joined us with his Traceur and Dragon. It seemed a bit too windy for the Tracer so Paul reverted to the Dragon which is a brilliant model.
Later we were joined by Ian Ashdown with his SAS Starjet , Jack Pritty with his Ninja and Scott Tompkins with a Vagabond and trusty foamie flying wing (can't think of the name).
The wind was very good and the lift excellent - all models flew very well (except the Vagabond which was too light).
Ian L spent his time asking questions about what is the best model and Tx / Rx to get as a beginner, so I hope his trip was worthwhile.

The weather got very cold after 2 hours, so we all decided to retire gracefully.
Jack left just before the rest of us and flew his Ninja all the way down the hill to the bottom while walking behind it - Ian then did the same and landed just before the gate to the road - great flying by both.


Thursday, 28 January 2016

Flying this Saturday

Hello all.
Looking at the current weather forecast for Saturday it looks very good for Itford Hill. Currently West wind at around 17 - 20 mph maybe more. With the possibility of some sun.
As we all know the weather changes day to day but I'm clinging to the hope that Saturday comes out as forecasted.
Around Midday looks the best at the moment. This gives time for the rain to blow through and the better , drier air to progress across the country.
So, Midday at Itford Hill. We will meet you up there rather than anyone waiting at the bottom for
Please let me know if you can make it and then I know if it all changes on the day who to contact.
See you up there............

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Just a thought.........

Fantastic news that Rob has secured the use of the field for another year. Gives us more security (at least for the next year).
Rob and I are planning our club's first AGM. Would any of you guys like to maybe have a little bit of a social after the AGM? Maybe a meal and a drink and a general chewing of the cud sort of thing???
We are planning the AGM to last for about an hour and then some food etc.
Its up to the membership to decide.
AGM or AGM and a meal / drink?
Please let me know if you want to come to the AGM (date to be confirmed) or not and would you like just the AGM or an AGM and a meal etc?
Please either put a shout out / leave a comment under this post or email me : 
The response will determine where we hold the AGM.

Our Field

Hi All,
I have now managed to secure the use of our 12 acre field for the next 12 months from the owner.
We have been waiting for the confirmation of this before we organise our AGM , so now that the last piece is in place we can look for a venue and let you all know when and where we intend to meet.
We want to discuss a number of topics at the AGM and will send out an agenda before the meeting so you can have a chance to see what's on the table.
Also, if you have anything you want to raise, please notify either me or Paul via email (not through the blog please) and we will discuss it.

Best regards
Rob Stanley
Hon Sec / Hon Treasurer

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Flying This Weekend 24 Jan

Hi All,
There is nothing planned at the moment for flying this weekend.

Sunday weather looks a little more promising with SW winds between 12 and 22 mph which would mean Mill Hill.

HOWEVER there is also a forecast of fog the whole morning, I have just checked the Met Office and the fog warnings for Shoreham Airport extend from 06:00 till 12:00 tomorrow.

I will therefore not be chancing it tomorrow (Sunday).


Saturday, 16 January 2016

Ditchling Beacon Saturday 16 Jan

Hi All,
Paul and I decided to go to the Beacon this morning earlier than planned and arrived at about 11:00.
As predicted, the car park was packed but Paul found a space just before I got there and the car next to Paul left just as I arrived - what luck.
We walked West up the hill to the bowls on that side of the hill but found a pack of para-gliders having lessons at the first bowl, so we proceeded to the next little bowl and flew there.
Paul had the Zulu and I had the Traceur I bought back from Will Attfield.

The Zulu flew really well considering there was little or no wind and very limited lift.

I launched the Traceur, but it pitched nose-down and then nose-up. It landed on its tail and the rudder pushrod snapped - possibly because it was so cold. Either way it wasn't going to fly again today.

Paul and I both had turns at the Zulu and after about 2 hours we decided to call it a day.
Just as we were walking back to the car park, we came upon Les Crane with 2 of his colleagues from SRFC - Graham and Dave, so we decided to join them for a short while. They had 2 KA8 models and both flew extremely well in the light conditions.

ABOVE.......The circumzenithal arc or circumzenith arc (CZA), also called the Bravais' arc, is an optical phenomenon similar in appearance to a rainbow, but it belongs to the family of halos arising from refraction of sunlight through ice crystals

Then Dave Taylor came along with his dog (no models) and we had a short chat before Paul and I left them to it.
At the car park I met Andrew Ledger and his wife, Clare and dog. They were there for a walk, not flying.

So, from just Paul and I at the beginning, we ended up with 5 fliers plus 2 members with their dogs, I really enjoyed the flying and meeting the people today.

Thanks to all who came - even though not everyone flew....

Rob Stanley

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Saturday Flying - update .....


Today,  Saturday, is currently forecast to be cold but bright with a light NW wind.

Paul and Rob are going to  try the Westerly side of Ditchling Beacon (staying the car park side of the road and walk up through the gate). The hill is a little more NW facing there.


Saturday, 9 January 2016

BMFA latest news on the EASA proposal to regulate drones

Hi All,
This might not seem to affect us, but the European Aviation Safety Agency are proposing to regulate further all model aircraft flying - including drones -

However, there have been a number of meetings in Europe attended by the BMFA amongst others to represent our (their) views on further regulation -

The BMFA update on this issue can be found here --

It is important that we keep appraised of all developments which might affect how, where and what we can fly !

Rob Stanley

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Silent Flight (Slope) A & B Tests

Kevin Beale has very kindly offered his time and experience as the BMFA area chief examiner for those who wish to do their A & B tests for silent flight models off the slope.
So you can all have some time preparing for these tests (if you want to take them of course?) then please see the two links below to the BMFA website and the downloadable test information.

Silent Flight 'A' (Slope)

Silent Flight 'B' (Slope)

For you to attempt your 'B' test you must have already obtained your 'A'.

May I suggest the guys who are intending to take the tests meet up on the slope and practice the test together and help each other learn the manoeuvres? Someone can call out the test as we fly it. These tests do serve a very good purpose and it would be good that as many as possible at least try it and see how you get on.

I know Rob has a list of  6 people who have expressed an interest in taking the 'A's but if you can let me know then we can keep in touch with each other and provide help and encouragement if needed.

Rob and I am up for giving it a go - when it finally decides to stop raining!!