Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Calling All RC Glider Pilots!

As you may or may not know, we are hoping to get a new RC glider flying club up and running but we need the use of a flat field site somewhere within easy reach on where most of us live (within a 10-15 mile radius of Haywards Heath). Our new flying field could be a school field, common land (that we would be allowed to fly from) or a farm land. Do you know anyone who works in a school? anyone who is a local farmer or knows a local farmer. someone who has a good sized bit of land they would be happy for us to use now and then? We don't need a lovely manicured flat site but enough space to bungee or winch launch our 'silent flight' models from. So please give it some thought and think if you know anyone who may be able to help us get our new club up running? A phone number, a helpful word in the right ear might just give us what we need to get this club up and running. If you do happen to speak with anyone regarding our flying, please remind them we are silent, responsible and fully Insured through the BMFA.

Friday (Evening) 2nd & Sat (Morning) 3rd May Slope Soaring

I am hoping to get out slope soaring on the evening of Friday 2nd May up at Ditchling Beacon and again early on Saturday 3rd May also at Ditchling Beacon.
I will then be away (enjoying myself in Wales) for the rest of the Bank holiday weekend. Maybe some of you can get together if you want fly on the other days?
Friday Evening NNE wind 9 - 14mph Broken Cloud
Saturday Morning NE wind 9 - 20mph Sunny
Anybody joining me?

Monday, 28 April 2014

Gliders For Sale

Tim has a few models & a kit for sale at rock bottom bargain prices to our regular blog viewers before theses are advertised on the BMFA classified's. I have flown both these Blizzards and they are very nice to fly.

 Blizzard 1
Multiplex Blizzard slope soarer. In very good condition.
Includes servos and Rx. Battery.

Blizzard 2
Multiplex Blizzard. Converted to slope soarer from Hot Liner.
Average condition
Includes servos and RX. Battery

SAS Starjet
Slope soarer. In very good condition.
Coupled Ailerons/Elevators
Includes 4 new Futaba servos and Rx. Battery

DAW ME163 Komet
Boxed kit.
48” epp slope/combat model.

If your Interested get in contact with Tim direct or contact me for his phone number.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

A rearwards view from the Mijet.

I`ve only had the mini cam two weeks, the novelty will wear off shortly!                  Best viewed inYouTube.

Phoenix100 with 122" wing thermal soaring..

Watch in YouTube for best view.

Slope Soaring Sussex - Our Global Audience

I thought you might be Interested in seeing the global traffic our slope soaring blog is achieving
The list below are the page views we have received.

United Kingdom:        11425
United States:               2960
Switzerland:                    359
Germany:                        303
France:                            283
Russia:                            248
Ukrain:                            227
Spain:                               80
China:                               79
Indonesia:                         79

Please feel free to post a message in our 'Shout Box' or contact us through this blog using the 'Contact us' facility, as we would love to make friends with new people from all over the UK and the world.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Clint - 'Star Of The Day'

Here is the star of the day 'Old steely balls' himself - Clint with his new purchase, his Luna 2.
This bloke has got nerves of steel and an attitude to life that is so refreshing. Sorry Clint, I don't mean to embarrass you. A few weeks back Clint was flying an old Wildthing and today was fully in control (well nearly) of his newly purchased and newly repaired Luna 2 glider. After some tweeking and changes to throws etc Jack and I both flew the Lunar and it was a sweet ship to fly. Then Clint got his hands on her and calmly and skilfully took control and showed us what he could do. After a few practice circuits and a bit of prompting he got her down only to get an impromptu cartwheel at the last second. Well done Clint. Jack & I where very Impressed. Here is Jack taking off....

Here is Jack Landing...
Here are a few pictures taken from up at the South bowl of Itford Hill. What a smashing place to fly and the landing area was a dream.
This place gets a 8/10. Would have made 9/10 but for the long walk up from the car park. Terry - all is forgiven! Good call.

Itford Hill. South Bowl. A few videos.

Colley Hill. 23 April 2014.

Have decided to put Monique`s maiden flight of her scratch built 1/8 scale depron  PSS Blackburn Buccaneer as the video can be found on a number of other sites as well a build details. The Buccaneer had two further successful flights before lift dropped away. Well done Monique!!     Best watched in youtube.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Tomorrows Flying (Sat 26th)

We will need to wait for the rain to partially clear in the morning, so for once a later start to our slope soaring. Southerly wind 16 - 22mph so more like 25mph I would have thought.
Not to many choices but I am going to go for a slope I have not flown at before - Itford Hill.
I know a lot of you have flown at Itford Hill before but how many of you have flown the Southerly Bowl? Walk all the way to the top and round the corner at the top and Google earth shows a bowl facing South. Our friend Terry said he went up there a few weeks back and they were soaring up there. Its got to worth a go, hasn't it?
Say 12.00 (midday) parked up on the verge under Itford Hill?
Any problems with finding it or need directions etc please contact me. It is a bit of a walk but hopefully worth it. If its rubbish then we can blame Terry!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Monique`s maiden flight editing is not happening! This uploaded when I was working on it, so this is a clip from today.
A short taster from Colley Hill today.When youtube finally process the other two I will upload to here!.Monique`s Buccanneer really is quite something!

'Slope Soaring Sussex' Model Flying Club?

Its an Idea I have been toying with for many months now. What about forming a model flying club just for gliders? Sloping, thermal flying, electric gliders, DLG really anything to do with glider flying but based in and around Sussex. The idea being to bring together like minded people who enjoy the sport of glider flying and to follow what we have been doing very successfully through our 'Slope Soaring Sussex' Blog. Nothing too official and nothing too expensive but something that will be fun and enjoyable to be part of. My aim would be to find a flat field site to fly gliders from (just renting of course!). I know that in its self will be difficult but we will be silent flight and so don't bring the concerns and issues based around power flying and the noise issues associated with them. We have the slopes that are free, we have a new winch and a bungee and we have a happy band of regular slopers who have supported us and helped the group grow, so that's the plan but how many people like the Idea?
Please let me know by leaving a comment in the comments box below this post or feel free to contact me if you would be Interested in making this happen and making a club that is focused on what you already enjoy. / 07834 859018

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Some random images.

A warning to us all....

Our biggest problem over the last year or so hasn't been from the paraglider boys but from the full size gliders ridge soaring the South Downs with little or no respect for the model slopers on the hill. They come hurtling around the beacon at zero feet and 100knts or more. Not all the glider pilots act in a irresponsible manner but only last Friday two gliders from a local gliding club flew over Ditchling far too low and directly over us flying our model gliders and speaking with another guy who said the same day he nearly had a mid air with one full size at Jack & Jill Windmills. These full size guys know where we tend to fly and at what height but this does not deter certain pilots from putting themselves and others at risk. We all have the right to be up enjoying the slope lift but some people think they have more rights than others!
Be warned and keep a good look out.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Super deal from T9 Hobby Sport - Dream Flight Libelle

The T9HobbySport Dream Flight Libelle DLG equipment package includes:
  • 1x Dream Flight Libelle Kit
  • 1x 300mAh NiMh receiver battery
  • 4x Gening D531BB servos
  • 2x 150mm extension leads for aileron servos
For £115.20 plus P & P

You know I'm a big fan of the Dream Flight Libelle and this seems a very good deal, better than what's being offered by Hyperflight. T9 HobbySport are selling the basic airframe for £89.95 plus P & P.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

But I thought you had to land behind the fence?

Another great day up at Ditchling Beacon. Slightly stronger wind than yesterday at times but just as beautiful and just as cold! Today's pilots where Rob, Jack, Clint, Dave, Jef from Essex and me. We were joined by some locals from Mill Hill together with there beautiful scale gliders.
We had a good bit of combat with Rob and Jack having a crunching mid air braking both Ninja's. I am still trying to get my landings better and today proved a little more successful. Clint's wife baked us a cake (thanks Mrs Clint the cake was good!) and refreshments again served by Clint. Oh yes, he did manage to do some flying but enjoyed the 'walk of shame' by landing behind the fence a few times. This had an effect on a lot of the pilots up there who where seen wandering of to the gate and disappearing behind the fence to collect a stray model. Yes, this was I, yesterday but Jack bounced off the top of the fence and David used the fence as an arrester hook but seemed to be enjoying himself. We all seem to have had a go at the fence sometime during the weekend!
Rob kindly stumped up the cash and purchased us a new (second hand) winch for us to use on the flat. Rather than Rob be out of pocket do we have 4 other people who will put £30 in the pot and build a syndicate winch group. That's just 4 people and Rob. I will put myself forward with £30, so we just need 3 others.....Any others want to contribute?

Paul flying his Typhoon off Itford Hill

Friday, 18 April 2014

Ditchling Beacon. Excellent Friday.2014.

What a 'Good' Friday

A very good turnout to fly at Ditchling Beacon today. Jack, Tim, Graham T, Graham U, Peter, Geoffrey, Clint, me and my mate Stuart who came up to see what slope soaring was all about. Started off with about a 20mph NNE wind and as the morning went on it reduced down to about 10mph. It was a bit parky up there with 'blue hands' Graham T amongst others struggling with the wind chill.
I maidened my Valenta Dragon 2.8m F3F mouldy which weighs in around 5Kgs which just sweeps across the sky and makes an amazing whistle at high speed. Must work on the landings mind!
And Tim had his  new Impulse 2 glider maidened (below). Beautifully to fly and couple the ailerons and the flaps together it makes for a very well coordinated glider. Flaps make the landings so very easy.
As well as showing us some very Impressive flying skills Clint also doubled as our new refreshments officer. No sugar thanks Clint, I'm sweet enough as it is!
There was plenty of sloping done and plenty of chatting and socialising and everybody commented on how quite it was without Rob being there. Sorry boys he's back flying tomorrow!
Should hopefully be a repeat of today for tomorrow but I think with a stronger wind. Get there early if you want to be able to park!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Easter Weather & Flying Times

Friday (Good Friday)
10 - 15mph NNE wind Sunshine with variable cloud
Flying @ Ditchling Beacon
Meet @ 9.00am in NT car park

14 - 21mph NNE wind Sunshine with variable cloud
Flying @ Ditchling Beacon
Meet @ 9.00am in NT car park

Easter Sunday
15 - 31mph NNE - E wind with heavy rain at times
No flying arranged

Bank Holiday Monday
14 - 25mph SE wind with broken cloud
No flying arranged

If you can make it to Ditchling Beacon please remember that the car park will fill up quick and you do either need to pay the NT via a telephone card payment or display your NT sticker. We usually fly for around 3 - 4 hours depending on how cold it is up there. No power aircraft allowed and BMFA Insurance is a must. Should be flying on the opposite side of the road from the car park. Any problems finding Ditchling Beacon if your a first time flyer to this site or you have any other questions feel free to contact me. I hope to see as many of you as possible up there.
Link to Ditchling Beacon MAP
Happy Easter / 07834 859018

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Anyone for Winch Launching?

We have been offered a reverse pulley winch with everything we need to get going from the flat using this powerful 'Hi Start' launching method. A huge 'thank you' to Rob Stanley who has now offered to purchase this very useful piece of kit for us to use. We are after a replacement car battery for it. Has anyone out there got such a thing sitting around we could have / borrow? It does need to have some life left in the battery but if you can help then please could you contact me?

Wales trip moved back to Sussex

For various reasons the Wales Trip has been moved back to Sussex. So, the idea is that we still try and fly on the Friday, Sat & Sunday but here in our local area (ish).....
We are hoping we can have a get together over one of the days (maybe with a BBQ) are possibly with a glider thermal comp if the weather is on our side. What do you think guys...Anyone fancy joining in on Friday 25th, Sat 26th & Sunday 27th April here in beautiful Sussex?

Get those slope soarers charged up for Easter!

Hi all
Looking at the weather ahead for the Easter weekend, it looks like we could have 4 days of sloping opportunities with Northerly (ish) direction for Fri / Sat & Mon. If you can get out to play on specific days, please let me know and we can try and get together and fly. I know you guys love flying at Ditchling Beacon....... / 07834 859018

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Virgins take the strain!

Rob & Jack both lost something special this evening. Something that has kept them pure of mind and body for such a long time. BUNGEE!! Not leaping from a high cage with a huge cable strapped to your legs but a 20 metre length of elastic and 30 metres of fishing line with a parachute fixed to the end which you connect your glider too. Both of them introduced to the 'high start' launching method of bungee launching. Jack with his trusty old Gentle Lady and Rob with his Algebra and me with my new Cambrian Elan 100''. We all had a few launches and we all made it down safely. Much too windy which made flying such slow and directionally challenged gliders very difficult. We flew at the MSF (Mid Sussex Flyers) flying field in Wivelsfield, East Sussex. Sorry we didn't get any pictures or video but we all had our hands full anyway who wants to see two grown men loose their bungeeing virginity out in the middle of a grassy field late in the evening next to a load of on lookers in parked cars? There's a word for that isn't there?
Well done guys, you 'done well' in difficult conditions.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Itford Hill Today

Graham U and I had a great morning at Itford. Lots of sunshine and really good lift. It was obvious when I parked in the layby that the Met man had under estimated the wind. On the hill, the forecasted 16 - 20mph wind was probably closer to 28 - 30mph (huge for a rookie like me) but no nasty gusts and straight up the slope - magic! Definitely worth the effort.
Here is a video clip from Graham's new minicam : Click here to watch.
Terry B

Tim's New Models

Just finished her today, the beautiful Cambrian Models Elan 100'' thermal soaring glider. Hoping to bungee her soon off the flat.
Jart EPP 60'' from Leading Edge Gliders (USA) Maidened at Colley Hill at the weekend
Guppy EPP 48'' from Leading Edge Gliders (USA) Maidened at Colley Hill at the weekend
 Quark 2m from Island Models in Ireland. As yet un-flown.

Monday, 7 April 2014

RCRCM Typhoon for sale on BMFA

There is a highly specked RCRCM Typhoon just come up on the BMFA classifieds:
RRCM Typhon 2mtr fully moulded glider, comp with : 4 x Spectrum A720mg wing servos.2 x Spectrum A420mg fus servos, 2000 ah battery pack ad Slope Racer wireing loom.
Finished in orange and white scheme,this model is ready to fly and brand new never been flown. Cost approx. £590 t build wants £375

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Brighton Marathon

Just to blow my own trumpet. Just did the Brighton Marathon in 4:18. I hurt a lot.

Brighton 10K Run Completed

Sorry a little off track (well actually way off track) but I have to say a huge well done to my daughter, Gemma and Adil for completing the Brighton 10K run this morning. Many thanks also to the people who have given there hard earned cash and helped raise £620 for Cancer Research.
If you would like to donate to this very worthy charity then please feel free to visit their just giving  page :
I hope to run next year, anyone else want to join me? We have already got Rob, Graham T, Jack and Me up for it next year. Come on..... lets get a team together for a little jog around Brighton in 2015.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

RCRCM Mini Vector Review

Here is a short review of my new toy after a very successful maiden today. I bought this glider through a BMFA wanted add which came up trumps.
I can't really comment on the building of this model as it was already done, which was a bonus. The model seems fairly well made for the price. The design is very sleek with a very narrow fuselage, just enough room for the battery, RX and 2 servos.
Now for the flying part, which is the best bit. The MiniVec is the first mouldie glider I've flown and all I can say is wow!!!! Wind was about 15mph today and its sooooo smooth and precise to fly, seems carry its speed incredibly well through the turns. As for aerobatics, it make's everything seem so easy. Loops, rolls, 4 point roll, inverted and stall turn's ( which isn't quite so easy, more practice needed i think) are all the things i tried on it's first trip out. I was a bit nervous about the landing especially at Colley Hill where your always in the lift, when we were there last i flew my phase 6 which i found very hard to land. But with the MiniVec and it's flaps deployed no such a problem, what a difference flaps make( never had them on a model before). First 2 landing's where brilliant ( dont like to boast but they were), last one it took a bit of a thump but all was well with the model! Lauching is a bit tricky as the only place to hold it is the fuselage behind the wing which makes it a bit unbalanced, the one time i tried to lauch it myself resulted in a very short flight of about 3 seconds:) more practice needed with that too.

In short a very nice model and well worth the money. I look forward to experimenting with it a bit more:))

Colley Hill - 4 Maidens all in a row.

Tim, Jack, Clint and I met up at Colley Hill near Reigate in dense fog and a cold wind. After standing around for a bit the fog gradually lifted to eventually give us bright skies and strong lift. With Tim's EPP LEG 'Jart' & 'Guppy', Clint's Stan Yoe 'Pzzaz' and Jacks RCRCM 'Mini Vector' all had there maiden flights today. All flew well and all went home in one piece - Result!
I flew with Tim using our Spektrum  DX9's buddied up using the trainer system with no leads and it worked really well. If you need to take over at any point you just touch a the stick and instantly you had full control. Not that I needed to take over that often as Tim was flying well. Clint who had not flown for 6 months flew incredibly well with both his Wildthing and his Pzazz.
The star of the show had to be Jack's new model. Looks good, flew very well and seemed the best suited for the conditions. With 4 point rolls and a good turn of speed it was good to watch and I even was allowed to fly it. Here is Jack showing us all how it should be done.
Must say it flew on rails and managed it's energy well. Tim's Jart performed well with it feeling more like a moulded glider than a foamy and he was happy soaring away while I stood by and watched.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Founder of Dream Flight talks about the Libelle

Hi All,
Just a great video of the founder of Dream Flight (Michael Richter) talking about the Libelle DLG and its reasons for being
Enjoy and buy one - they're great.


I just like this Vid (hope you do?)

I want to go here for my holiday!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Another Libelle is ready to fly

Hi All,
I have now finished my DLG Libelle, as yet un-flown but looking the dog's doodahs.

Can't wait to try it out, so far the weather isn't good for a trial.
I can wait I guess. . . . .

Colley Hill this Saturday

Friday 04/04 Update: Weather now looks not so good for Saturday and still wet on Sunday. Unless you get up to Colley hill early then you might just miss the rain. Let me know if anyone still wants to go tomorrow. I'm always up for a challenge.

The latest weather forecast for the weekend (which may well change) shows Saturday as the only real opportunity to go slope soaring this weekend but as I say that could change tomorrow. But if the wind and weather conditions stay the same as forecast then we could expect a 10 - 16mph SSW wind with the odd shower but mainly broken cloud. This doesn't give us a huge choice of slopes to fly as place like Mill Hill works better in a SW wind. I am looking at Colley Hill near Reigate, Surrey (Click here for a MAP) where if the wind does what is sais its going to do , should be perfect for Colley Hill.
It can get busy so I am proposing an early start say 9.00 - 9.30 up at the car park? Its a short walk through the wood and over the M25 and then you are up on a beautiful steep bowl. Again if you make the effort you will be rewarded with some good lift.
Anyone else coming out to play?

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

New toy!

Received my second hand RCRCM Minivec today :))

My first mouldie glider. Looks like it could be a bit of a speed machine, its so thin. Just got to put the RX in and get it set up.

New Bungee Launch System

For all those of us who are Interested in some flat field thermal flying, I have purchased a brand new bungee with parachute and steel ground stake for £42.49 all in and delivered. This will be at the disposal of us all and if anyone who would like to use the bungee would like to help chip in with the cost of this very useful bit of kit then that would be very much appreciated. We have 3 of us in the bungee syndicate so far....more welcome.
Cool music but dodgy shorts!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Dream Flight Libelle Evening Flying

Took the Dream Flight Libelle down the flying field for some evening flying fun. Just love this glider!
Here's Robs Libelle (below) Rather naked but that's the way Rob likes it apparently!