Thermal Soarers

Cambrian Elan 100'' (Paul)

High Performance Thermal & Slope Soaring Plane with sturdy Plywood and Balsa Fuselage and two piece Plug in Wings. Rudder / Elevator controls.
The Elan 100 is equally at home on the slope or being bungee/tow launched from the flat.  In the hands of a competent pilot the model will seek out the slightest lift yet is docile enough to give a creditable performance in the hands of the less experienced.
Wingspan 100 ins (2.5m)
Wing Area 735 sq. ins.

Algebra (Rob)

I got this Algebra from Paul (or Tim) after flying it on the Isle of Wight - so high it looked like a tiny speck in the sky.
It only has rudder / elevator control and therefore you have to 'predict' what you want it to do before it does it (in other words it isn't a combat model !).
I have flown this from the slopes and off our winch at the field and it flies really well.

I know Roger is building one at the moment but his has airbrakes, etc.... This one is a basic 2 channel

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