Saturday, 28 January 2017

Mill Hill 28th January 2017

A short visit to Mill Hill today and met up with Ian, Rob and Graham. Cold wind with showers around us. I took my Merlow and practised my landings and circuits. Graham had his MiJet and his mouldy. Ian had his M60 and his heavy mouldy and Rob had his mouldy.
The Merlow is growing on me each time I fly it. Anyone Interested in my Willow 2 that is up for sale?
Will has got himself a fancy mouldy. Just waiting for some pictures to show you all.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

And for my next project…

The ‘Omega’ slope soarer by C. Chapman.
A plan from the 1970s, drawn by C. Chapman and available from It’s an elegantly proportioned 72” span model with an irresistibly racy profile:

It has some cunning details to contend with like the homemade elevator horn concealed in the fin and an aluminium/ply sandwich wing-joiner through the fuselage. I’ll do my best to tackle these, but mini wing-mounted servos will replace the solitary standard servo in the fuselage. The wings will be built more like a Phase 5 by replacing the single balsa spar with twin spruce spars and vertical balsa webbing, this should circumvent the weak spot at the end of the ply wing-joiner box. The spruce spars will have the added bonus of providing a secure point for fixing wing retaining hooks which in turn will allow me to link the wings internally with rubber bands and stop them sliding off in flight.
I would have liked to create an all-flying tail plane too, but the back end of the fuselage is too narrow for a bell crank. The radio access hatch is sensibly hinged at the front, an arrangement worth repeating I think.
A guy called ‘slopeflyer’ built one in 2013 and described it on the RCMF Retro Glider Thread forum. His flight video looks impressive, showing the model to be plenty manoeuvrable enough for me. I notice he used a standard external elevator horn and made the fuselage longer and thinner, sensible modifications I’m sure, but I want to retain as much as possible of the original’s idiosyncrasy and vintage charm and avoid the ubiquitous slick-stick-with-wings appearance.
Russell H

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Contour Roam 2 HD Video Camera For Sale

Hi all
As you know I am a big fan of taking flying video's and I hope you enjoy watching them? Well my trusty Contour Roam 2 is being upgraded for a newer model and so it means this one is up for sale.
It's in full working order and produces top quality video. When new this cost over £250 and are still available today new for £200 on eBay.

This one is on offer for just £80 plus USB charging / download cable. Just buy yourself a cheap mount depending on where you wish to mount it and put in a micro SD card and you are away.
To see the quality just look at almost any of my video's. I used to have this camera mounted on my Ninja and took some great video from the air.

It records in HD and is waterproof if you drop it in a puddle.

If you want to savour your flying on video and watch it again at home or even load it up here and share your flying with us then feel free to get in contact with myself on either 07834 859018 or email me:

Saturday, 21 January 2017

AGM Today (Sat 21st January)

Thank you all who came to the AGM today.
Also thank you to everyone else who couldn't come for various reasons but who sent me an apology in advance.
We had 11 of our members attending today.
As Paul Hampshire was unable to attend, Rob Stanley undertook the chair role for this meeting and Scott Tompkins assisted in his role as treasurer.
The whole agenda was covered within one hour as planned and then we had a social gathering consisting of  9 of the 11 attendees (2 members had to leave after the meeting).
I hope that all who attended found the meeting of some use and enjoyed the social event after.

I will be sending out the minutes to everyone within the next few days and Scott will send you an email detailing the ways to pay the annual club subscription with the bank a/c number, etc....

Again, many thanks to all of you for your continued loyalty and support  -  it is very much appreciated.

Rob Stanley
Hon Sec

Monday, 16 January 2017

Club AGM this coming weekend

Hello all - just a reminder that our Slope Soaring Sussex AGM is this Saturday (21st January) at The Ardingly Inn at 12.00 (midday). The AGM is your opportunity to have your say about the club and its direction. There will be discussions around the clubs accounts, our flying field and this years subs.
After the meeting we have booked a dining area for club members to enjoy some lunch together (similar format to the previous year).
Directions to The Ardingly Inn - CLICK HERE
We have a healthy membership now, so lets hope that a good number off you can come along. If for any reason you can't make it then please let Rob know before the meeting.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Cold, Cold , Cold !!!!!!!

With a frozen car park and snow still on the ground we ventured into sub zero flying conditions up on the Dyke.
I was joined by Will, Ian, Scott, Jim and Kevin for a few hours of decent soaring in a brisk WNW wind. Not fully on the slope which gave us reasonable lift but a bit choppy.

Maidened my ne Merlow F3F mouldy. She is a mixture of Willow 2 wings and tail with a Merlin fuselage. I was very impressed and I managed 3 OK landings with nothing broken.
Needed a little nose weight but could really do with the ballast but I left this out because it was a maiden plus the lift wasn't booming.
Ian flew his M60 and his heavy mouldy. Will had a short flight with his Jart but unfortunately the rock solid ground broke a plastic control horn and that was it until he flew Scott's Dragon a little later. Jim was there but I didn't see much of him so Jim I hope everything went well today. Scott cruised around with the Dragon being the perfect glider to bomb around with. Just need to work a little more on those circuits Scott but coming along well. Kevin seemed to be enjoying himself but most times I looked to find him his model was inverted. Must have had some sort of orientation problem Kevin?
Here's a short video of my flights with the Merlow today.
Anyone got any interest in buying my Willow 2 from me?

Monday, 2 January 2017

A compilation of flying clips from today at the Beacon

2nd Jan - Ditchling Beacon and what a turn out!

The wind forecast for today has reduced and reduced as the week has progressed, so was not greatly surprised to find a light-ish breeze blowing onto the slopes to the West of Ditchling Beacon main car park. I was surprised by the great turnout of people out to enjoy the sunshine, lift and happy banter.
I was joined by Bob, Jim, Ian, Kevin, Will, Mike, Mark & Scott (hope I haven't forgotten anyone?).
Lift wasn't mega but good enough for the Xpro which cruised around very happy but not good for most the others, so we made our fist move of the day. Here the lift was a little better. Myself and Kevin Beale decided to go for a little cross country and wandered off away along the slope for about a mile and then wandered back again. Kevin keeping high with the circling Airbuses and I preferred to stay lower (well couldn't keep up with Kevin). Soon back with the crowd.
Bob had a fantastic maiden of his built up R/E glider which loved the light / moderate conditions. He also had his maiden flight of his new middle phase which flew true from launch. Just needs to get the aileron throws sorted out. Will kept himself busy with wing falling off his Tracuer and the Jart denting the hill side. Mike Smallridge was a welcome visitor who flew his foam jet and once the lift picked up he was well away cruising around. Scott flew his Wildy and also enjoyed his Dragon and we did some landing practice in the big field next door. Jim continued to improve with his foamy.
We were joined by a paraglider who took of along the ridge then happily flew infornt off and between our models and then promptly did the same coming back again. Joined by a full sized glider. A DG1000 which powered up and past us which made something different to watch.
All in all a very enjoyable day up on the hill. Thanks to all who made the effort and I hope you hade as much fun as I did.
Until next time........