Beginners Models

Middle Phase (Jim)
The Middle Phase is a well established trainer designed by Chris Foss that can be purchased as a R/E model with plenty of dihedral that makes for a stable trainer but not the best in directional control or it can be built with ailerons (as Jim's model above). More difficult to learn on as a total beginner but once mastered it will take you on fast and give you plenty of fun along the way.
Stargazer (Roger)
I got this one off Rob Stanley - it's been round the houses a bit but is the model that 'just keeps on giving'! Quite a few repairs now, but still airworthy. The only criticism is the wing-mounting - a rather weak spot at the leading edge means the front mounting breaks quite a lot. A good application of strong tape seems to have cured it. Rob will shudder at the agricultural repair but it works!
It's good in medium strength winds, struggles a bit in very light winds or anything over 15-20kts (although it might go better when I get better at soaring).
It's reasonably good with aerobatics - in fact an ideal all-rounder for someone moving up from the beginner's model.

Flyingwings Spectre (Paul)

Flyingwings Spectra (Paul)
Wingspan: 51 inches (1300mm) 
Flying weight: 600 grams 

Kit contents: 
> EPP Wing cores 
> EPP / Ply Fuselage 
> Carbon fibre spar 
> Hard stock balsa elevons 
> Harware Pack 
> Correx fin 
> Manual 

To complete this model you require: 
> Tape covering pack 
> 2 x standard size servos 
> Receiver battery pack 4.8v 1300mah square nimh pack 
> 4 ch Receiver 
> 4+ ch transmitter 

This was built by Tim for Will. I flew one of these for a good while which Geoff Darling is now flying. The Spectre will bounce well if the ground jumps up and attacks it, as it does when your learning. Nice and stable. Penetrates well into wind and in my opinion is much better than the SAS Wildthing.
Well worth a look if your looking for your first or maybe your second model.
Available from Flyingwings for around £60 plus the radio gear and battery.

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