Sunday, 29 November 2015

New 'Drone Aware' Initiative Launched

Hi All,
The BMFA and the CAA have launched a new website to help those people who operate 'drones' or multi-copters, to observe the law and act responsibly -

Let's hope it works, because it is these people who are getting all of us legitimate fliers a lot of bad press coverage lately !

However, I can't help thinking that if you have a drone and fly regardless and don't know (or care)about the BMFA or CAA how will this website help ?

Unless there is some registration or awareness campaign at the point of sale it won't be of much use - or will it ??

Please let me know what you think

Also, the BMFA insurance benefits have changed - please refer to this website for details -


Saturday, 28 November 2015

Itford Saturday Morning

Hi All,
Paul and I met up this morning at 8:15 in the Itford lay-by in the glorious sunshine and cloudless sky.
We then walked up to the usual place near the top. At the bottom there seemed to be no wind, but by the time we got 2/3 of the way up, the wind was picking up from WSW direction.
I launched my little Moth to test out the conditions and surprisingly it went pretty well in a very light wind (maybe 10 mph). The lift was coming and going, but no thermals were present at that time.
Paul set up the Willow and launched that, it was doing pretty well in the conditions and we were both flying away merrily with varying degrees of lift, etc...
Within the hour we were getting thermals and managing to stay in the air much easier.
The Moth had a few hard landings when the lift disappeared and the Willow had a fairly difficult landing with something being not quite right. However, it survived, but one elevator seemed out of alignment, so the Willow was put away.
The rest of the 2 hours was spent with us both flying the Moth.
Paul got some good video of both models, but then his hat-cam fell off and the camera didn't want to work after that.
We reverted to Paul's phone camera and got some good low-level flying shots where we were each trying to get as close to the camera as possible without actually hitting the cameraman.
Altogether we both had great 2 hours .


Tuesday, 24 November 2015

BMFA Subscription for 2016 - up by £1

Hi All,

The BMFA have announced that subscriptions for 2016 have been raised by £1 to £33 for each senior member.

The information can be found here -

For all those who told me that they will renew through our club for next year, please could you transfer the £33 to our bank account or write a cheque to 'Slope Soaring Sussex' and post to me ..

I will send you an email with the details rather than post it here !

Best regards
Rob Stanley

Hon Sec / Hon Treasurer

Friday, 20 November 2015

Minus 6 Wind Chill - Brrrrrrrrrrr !!

That's right -6 degrees wind chill on Saturday (and that's at ground level).
Put this together with the 30 - 40mph gusting NNW wind and its going to be blooming COLD..........
But I'm up for a challenge so I might give Devils Dyke a go on Saturday afternoon. No chance of paragliders or hangliders flying as far too windy for them. The met office are showing a brighter sunnier period around 2.00pm. At least its worth a drive out to see the view if nothing else.
Sunday is a lot calmer but with a 8 - 10 mph NW wind (or less) and grey skies but a lot warmer.
I think I will take a punt at the Dyke on Saturday (2.00pm ish) with a mouldy and see what Sunday brings on the day.

The cold and the strong winds have made me have a re-think regards flying today - sorry guys I have wimped out!! Let's see what tomorrow brings?

Sunday, 15 November 2015

NAN Omega For Sale

I have a beautiful Nan Omega 2 metre powered glider for sale. The great thing about this model is that she flies from the flat as a thermal soaring glider or power up and us it as a hot-liner and also off the slope, proving to be great slope model in various wind conditions. So this model covers most flying sites and weather conditions. Nan modes are renowned for their quality. The Omega comes with Carbon D box wings for strength and rigidity.
For the full spec on the model CLICK HERE for details.
She comes complete with everything Installed and ready to fly (if you fly with Spektrum) Powerful motor installed, quality ESC and servo's plus she has a decent carry bag for safe transport and storage. I was intending to leave the genuine Spektrum RX in the glider.
Fitted with decent flaps that make the model slow down nicely for a controlled landing.
If you fly with a Spektrum TX (DX7 or above) you can just load the settings from my memory card directly onto your TX and bind and she's ready to fly. No building, no setting up, no hassle!
The basic airframe price new is £305 plus carriage, then add a quality moteor, esc and Savox servo's plus a Spektrum RX and a Hyperflight transport bag and you have got yourself a quality powered glider. I am looking for £500 all in (bind & fly).
If your Interested then feel free to call me or email me for more Information.
07834 859018 -

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Flying This Weekend has Been Scrapped


This is due to the latest forecast which gives rain from 10:00 in the morning, so not worth the long walk up the hill just to come back down again almost immediately !!!!

 Sorry everyone, but there's no point going when the weather is against us !


Wednesday, 11 November 2015

BMFA South East Area

Hi all,

I have been in touch with Stuart Willis, the Chair of the BMFA South East Area to find out why we've had no contact from the BMFA since we affiliated a year ago...

Stuart will hopefully put that right and apologises to us for an oversight somewhere.... he has also given me the Facebook page for BMFA SE which I have sent to all club members in an email.

Stuart also sent me a copy of the area newsletter which I have sent to members in my email as a PDF document.

Finally, Stuart has invited us to the AGM next week at 19:30 on 18th November at the Angel Centre in Tonbridge. Either Paul or myself (or both) will try to attend on behalf of SSS and report back to you all. Any club member is welcome to attend though.

I have also found the SE area BMFA website - it's here -

Best regards
Rob Stanley

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Max the Paraglider pilot.

Some off you have met Max the paraglider pilot. He came into our lives very recently but after a rather cold and unproductive relationship we decided it was best for him to move on. I am glad to say Max has now found himself a new home with a better family than mine and one who can give him the time and dedication that I couldn't.
My wife said he was very much like me - took hours to get up and still lacked any type of decent penetration. Good luck Max in your new home. I would like to say that I was going to miss you but to be honest I am glad to see the back of you !!

Forget the John Lewis Advert...................

As the 'Festive Season' is fast approaching I thought I might see what super deals are on offer that would suit the hardy RC pilot looking for a Christmas suggestion when the family ask what you would like for Christmas.......

Something to fly on light wind slope days or DLG down at the field:

Super Mini Topsky DLG - B Grade
The latest batch of Super Mini Topsky DLGs have small cosmetic moulding imperfections and are being sold as B grade. They are 100% normal strength and will still fly superbly.

The Super Mini Topsky is a fun to fly mini discus launched glider with ailerons, making it suitable for light wind slope soaring as well as flat field thermal soaring. It is very tough and flies excellently, making it a great first aileron glider.

This lovely little model is supplied as a very complete kit, requiring a few evenings to put together. The kit includes a complete accessory pack, including all linkages and a plug and socket for connecting the aileron servos. See the good installation manual (link below) for more info. The manual recommends a bit too much dihedral, we suggest 4º to 6º, so for DLG flying pack up each wing 3.5 cm to 5 cm (or one wing 7 cm - 10 cm) when joining them. If you are building the models mainly for slope soaring you can reduce the dihedral to nothing if you want. The model will be more aerobatic, but will require more skill to thermal correctly.

1000mm / 32'' span (rudder, ailerons, elevator)

For a bargain price of just £89.95 plus P & P

Would you like me to make this a regular feature each week? Maybe finding a stonking deal and sharing it with you guys or if you find a great deal that we can feature then please let me know and I will post it up on the blog.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

This Coming Sunday - Remembrance Marches

Hi All,
I just want to remind everyone that this Sunday - 8th November is remembrance Sunday, that means that a lot of villages and towns will be holding their marches through their towns to remember those killed in conflict.

I know that this Sunday there is such a march at Glynde village and suspect it will consist of a march to the church (St Mary's), to end at around 11:00 for the 2 minutes silence.

Last weekend I saw signs notifying drivers that  -

Glynde village will be CLOSED TO TRAFFIC during the morning march

I suggest that you avoid Mt Caburn on Sunday unless there's somewhere else to park and walk from ?

I have also looked at the website for Newhaven town and they too are holding a memorial march - details are to be found here -

SO, with the forecast showing SE to SSE with a good 20 to 25 mph gusts, maybe go to Butts Brow on the outskirts of Eastbourne ?
You will avoid the marches and get a good flying session ( I hope).

Monday, 2 November 2015

Now I have two models to maiden when my back's better!

I got the Vega yesterday - it's in very good condition with just a small amount of 'hangar rash'. Not much to get it going. I'll need to do a bit of juggling with receivers and batteries, but I think I have enough. Just need to get myself to a condition where I can stand up for more than 10 minutes so I can fly it, and of course I still have to maiden the Algebra. Now I'm totally sorted for sloping with big models... wind 5 - 10kts = Algebra, 10 - 20kts = Vega, over 20 kts = fly the simulator, lol!