Thursday, 13 December 2018

BMFA Renewal - Only 2 weeks left

Hi All,
Just to remind those of you who haven't already renewed your BMFA insurance for 2019, it's time for you to do so before it runs out.
Just log into the new BMFA 'Go' system with your username (email address) and click on 'forgot password' and they will send you a temporary password for you to use. You can then choose a new password for yourself and check all your details are correct - after that just go to 'membership' and hit 'renew' it's very easy...…

I have been talking to Stuart Willis from BMFA and he says that there are many people who are re-applying to join BMFA despite already being members because they have misread the instructions - that creates two problems -
1. you get a duplicate record and a new BMFA number
2. BMFA then have to delete one of your entries (usually the second one) to reset you back to original.

They have transferred every member from the old system to the 'Go' system, so just log on using your email address and you will be recognised already.

If anyone wants help, please call me or email me or What's App me and I will help you out...….

Best regards
Rob Stanley

Itford Hill Sunday 9th Dec

Hi All,
Last Sunday, we decided to try Itford Hill as the forecast was strong WNW winds.
The forecast was accurate and Itford W slope was working pretty well, but it was choppy and gusting about 25 mph (thanks Tony for the anemometer).
There was a good turn out with Paul, Ian A, Rob, Tony C and Scotty with Robin who came as a spectator !
Paul and Ian had their M60s and Ian also had his little Komet, Rob had the Ninja, Tony had the Wildthing and Scott brought his Valenta Dragon (very brave).
Ian launched his Komet and despite it's tiny size and lack of weight it flew brilliantly as ever along with the M60 from Paul and the Ninja from Rob. Tony spent the time practicing his landings slightly away from the main bunch and was doing very well in the difficult conditions until he announced that his Wildthing had suffered a hard landing - in fact the fuselage was snapped right through in front of the wing !
Scott set up the Dragon and after a good flight with Paul's help, he asked Paul to land it which he did with is usual skill !
Paul and Ian decided to try to get the air speed record and took their models way up into the wind and then dived them across the hill in front of us at amazing speed - maybe 90 - 100 mph ? Who knows how fast - maybe we need a speed gun ?
After 2 hours the cold got the better of us all and we decided to call it a day.
It was such a great session and we all had fun (even Tony who has since fixed the Wildthing with Uhu POR  and glass tape).
There are some videos but I don't know how to load them up - (doh!)


Tuesday, 4 December 2018

It's time to renew your BMFA Membership - A must for all club members

Hi All,
The time has come for the BMFA renewals for 2019.
This year the cost is £38 and there is also a new system in place called ‘Go’, which I emailed you about a little while ago.
Under this new system the responsibility for renewal switches from the club to the individual, so there is no way that we can renew your insurance for you as it relies on you using the ‘Go’ system and renewing online using their payment system.
This means that you now have to log on to the ‘Go’ system, set up a password and then you can administer your own details and renewal.
I have been using the ‘Go’ system for quite some time and it is very easy to use and it all works very well.
I have found a number of members whose email address held by BMFA was out of date, but I have corrected all but one who is an affiliate member.
I have set up every club member with your current details (email, address, etc….), but I cannot renew your BMFA for you.
Your ‘user name’ to access ‘Go’ will be your current email address (the one I have used in this email) and you have to then click on ‘Forgot Password’ so that they can send you a temporary password which you use once only and then change to your own one.
You can then renew your membership using this system.
After that, you are responsible for ensuring that your details are correct and up-to-date for the future.
For club members who are country members of BMFA or have another club as their primary club, you can still use ‘Go’ to renew, but your renewal will not affect our affiliation status with BMFA.
This tells you exactly how to log on and everything else you need to know.As I am the club administrator I receive an email each time you renew your membership or change your details, so I will know that you have renewed your insurance and can then issue you a club membership card for next year.You have a deadline of end of December to renew otherwise YOU WILL NOT BE INSURED AND CANNOT CONTINUE AS A CLUB MEMBER (the BMFA stipulate that every member must be insured for the club to be affiliated to them).

Best regards
Rob Stanley
Hon Sec

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Wolstonbury Hill Sunday 25th Nov

Hi All,
Today Paul and I decided to venture to Wolstonbury to see whether we could find some lift in the ENE - NE wind forecast.
We arrived at 10:00 and had messages from Nick G and John M that they would be there too. Luckily I had brought the club Spectre for just such an eventuality.
When Nick and John arrived we set off up the hill and Paul tried to fly from before the gate in the bowl there, but decided that beyond the gate would be better.
We set up just beyond the gate in a field of young bulls (bullocks I think), but they didn't bother us and we were soon joined by Robin A.
Paul brought his Highside and Ninja, I had my Ninja and Phase 6, Robin had his Lidl glider and home made wing, John M brought a 60" Wildthing and Nick had the club Spectre (he has a Wildthing waiting to be built).
We all started with the foamies except Paul who flew the Highside which was lovely to watch as it's so graceful. The foamies were all over the place weaving in and out of close proximity to each other - Paul joined in with his Ninja and we then had 4 foamies all in the same airspace at once - but no accidents. Robin flew the homemade wing with all these others and it was pretty busy as there was only a narrow area of lift today.
John and Nick were practicing their landings and doing very well and Rob set up the Phase 6 and Paul then flew it for a while - here's some video of Paul flying which I took.....
I then flew it for quite a long time but asked Paul to land it for me (chicken).
Our mate and fellow club member Bernie J turned up with his dog Harvey and stopped for a short chat. It was good to see Bernie again.
Everyone had a lot of flying and nothing got broken , so that's a result really !!
Weather was a bit cool and threatening at times, but as Paul said " It's winter !"