Tuesday, 19 June 2018

BMFA Education at Warden Park school in Cuckfield

Hi All,
Stuart Willis (BMFA SE Chairman) recently asked if anyone in his area would be willing to help teach some  of the kids at Warden Park school to build a BMFA Dart. Both Graham U and I have volunteered and in readiness for the event I have got a Dart coming in the post so I can build my own to see how it goes together. When I called the BMFA to order it, I explained it was for the education programme and they offered to send me a Dart free, so I am most grateful to them for helping me out. Hopefully it will come before I have to go to the school and I will report on here how it goes !


Saturday, 16 June 2018

The Long Man

As seems the norm lately, myself and Ian went flying by ourselves up at The Long Man. The conditions where breezy but thankfully dry. Nice to meet up with some fellow modellers flying there foamies. Watching them combating was fun. I flew my merlow mouldy and Ian his Jart and both of us thought conditions were a little on the bumpy side. We had a chase around with our M60's, then off home again.
As we drove back past Mount Caburn we saw a full sized glider trying to soar the front face of Caburn. It wasn't doing too well and flew over us and promptly started its engine up and off it went just as the rain arrived. It was a DG400 based out of Ringmer.
It has to be said that we are very thin on the ground lately when it comes to members up on the hills flying. Me and Ian are starting to question if its us or our after shave. Come on guys. we are meant to be a model flying club - lets get out and fly some models!!
Saying that I will be away on my hols and I will miss at least the next 3 weekends (until the middle of July). Its your opportunity to get out flying without the possibility of meeting me up there, I know this will be the encouragement you need to get out flying again.

Update on changes to UK Regulations (and the 400ft height limit)

This is the latest news from the BMFA website today (16/06/18) - 

The latest meeting between the Department for Transport (DfT), Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and representatives from the UK Model Flying Associations took place this afternoon (Friday 15th June) at the DfT offices in London.

The most urgent matter to address was the recent change to the Air Navigation Order (ANO) which introduced (in Article 94A) a 400ft height limit on the operation of all Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) which will come into effect on the 30th July 2018.  Whilst the changes to the ANO are primarily aimed at regulating 'drones', the 400ft restriction will also apply to model aircraft below 7Kg.

However, we are pleased to report that agreement was reached that the Model Flying Associations will collectively apply for an exemption from Article 94A to allow their members to continue operating model aircraft below 7Kg above 400ft as they do under the current ANO.  The DfT and CAA were supportive of this course of action and did not foresee any reason why the exemption would not be in place in time for the 30th July.

Negotiations on the other changes introduced in the ANO (operator registration and online testing for pilots) remain ongoing, but for now it is business as usual for members of the BMFA, LMA, SAA & FPVUK.  Happy flying!

Rob Stanley Hon Sec