Saturday, 2 July 2022

An Awesome Morning at Beeding Bowl Saturday 2 July 2022.

This morning 8 club members, yes 8, were present on the slope with a wide variety of models. Today on the hill were Rob S (Chair), Tony C (Secretary), Scott T (Treasurer), George K, Robin S, Russell H, Martin J and Richard W. Beeding Bowl is located slightly north of our usual Mill Hill site and sits outside the Flight Restriction Zone (FRZ) and is a pleasure to fly from. The only disadvantage is the small car park, so arriving early usually guarantees a parking spot. The views this morning were absolutely stunning especially looking South West towards Lancing College.
I as usual took along my SAS Wildthing and met up with George K who had his newly acquired SAS Wildthing. Robin S attended with a SAS Wildthing but also had an Aztec which was out of the Alan Head stable, apparently this model was once owned by Alan and it was a pre-production glider that was not put into production, so it’s a true one of a kind. Rob S was armed with the Club trainer (also a SAS Wildthing) and his Alula which he inherited from Paul H. Russell H flew his traditional wing called a Tomahawk. The initial 10 seconds after hand launching are very interesting and needs some confidence and flying skills to get the model into the lift but once it’s up it’s a great flyer. Martin J by chance also had a SAS Wildthing. As did Scott T who also brought along his Me 163 Komet. Richard W also had a SAS Wildthing but also a Dream Flight Ahi and a Kulbutin that was fitted with a gyro. In all we had 7 SAS Wildthings available this morning for flying, unfortunately we did not get them all flying at the same time but maybe we will have another opportunity in the future. Rob S tried the Alula but found it very twitchy in the strong and blustery conditions, but was at least able to trim it ready for another less windy day.
Without doubt the highlight of the day was the air combat phase when Richard W flying his SAS Wildthing managed to knock out of the sky Scotty’s lovely red Me 163 Komet. The Komet went into a flat spin very much like the scene out of the Top Gun 1 film. Luckily no major damage was caused to either model. In summary, a good morning flying with all attendees gaining further experience and stick time but best of all was the great company of fellow club members with no significant damage to any models.

Friday, 1 July 2022

Meeting of Potential Members at Beeding Bowl – Friday 1 July 2022

Today’s choice of slope was decided to be Beeding Bowl, as this was because of several reasons, the main one being that it is located outside the Shoreham FRZ. So, to introduce new members to flying models and provide trial flights it is a lot more pleasant as we are not influenced by full size aircraft consistently landing at Shoreham airport. By the time I arrived flying was well underway, one of the potential members, David K had already arrived and had been welcomed by the other club members. I was able to provide him with a brief of how the Club functions and he also had some quality stick time on the Club Trainer. On the slope today were Rob S our Club Chair and Chief Instructor, Gordon S who continues to impress and is now building his confidence. Although today he flew the Club trainer, he has flown his own models in the past and has some very nice vintage models awaiting to be flown. My SAS Wildthing flew better today as the wind speed was more than 12 MPH. Our second potential member Bob C arrived on the bowl and managed to get some stick time. Both David and Bob were assessed as confident model flyers but would probably benefit from some approach and landing practice with Rob. George K was also on the slope today but still requires some more practice with Rob before being able to fly solo. Over the last few months there has been some discussion of the effects of interference between mobile phones and our transmitters. To this end we have decide to try to keep our mobile phones with our kit rather than kept in our pockets when we are flying. I would be grateful to have any views that you may have on this issue. Once again, our thanks go to Rob S who provided the instruction for today. Around midday we all decide to pack up and go home. A great day had by all with great company.