Tuesday 20 February 2024

Well, Another Amazing Club Turn Out at Beeding Bowl - Tuesday 20 Feb 2024.

Considering it's mid February and a rather damp dismal and overcast morning almost 25% of the Club membership attended today's flying activities at Beeding Bowl. As usual by the time I arrived the "Early Birds" were already committing aviation. 

Today's Hardy Team.

The hardy Club members who braved today's conditions were, in no particular order: Martin J, Paul H, Mike G, Kevin M, Russell H, Bob C, Robin A, John H, Mark J and me. We also had a eclectic range of models on display including the ubiquitous SAS Wildthing, Hawk, Coyote, XModels Blade, a modified Ridge Runt, Starlet and Easy Trainer, Wing Bat 48 and a Pzazz Mk2.

Russell's Wing Bat

Kevin's Models.

Paul's Hawk.

Paul just about to launch.

John H with a distinctive colour scheme.

Both mine and John's Wildthings.

The weather forecast was again not as expected. The usual panoramic view looking West across the South Downs was obscured by low cloud and mist. However, the flying was fairly decent but at times the lift just melted away. As the morning progressed more and more Club members arrived. As I mentioned above we had ten members by the end. Across the bowl we could observe something coloured blue in the grass. We were all joking that in could be a lost model, probably a mouldy that was lost from a fellow flier at Mill Hill. Martin J who commented that to keep warm he was going to walk around the bowl to investigate. We watched him go along with Paul H disappear into the gloom and walk behind the tree line. Eventually, they re-appeared and carried out a visual investigation before re-turning to the group. The verdict was that the blue coloured object was indeed just a blue bucket. How on earth it got there nobody knows, maybe the recent deluge of rain water took it down the slope.

The Glider Park.

Mike H probably had the best idea of the morning by taking along a small stool to sit on while watching all the activity. John H, one of our newest members brought along his SAS Wildthing which has a very similar colour scheme to mine. Bring on the Royal Air Force Red Arrows Wildthing Team, we only need another seven appropriately coloured Wildthings.

Around 11 O'clock the the weather started to turn rather unpleasant with a wall of low level cloud coming our way. So we decided to call it a day and return back to the cars. By the time I was back in the car the entire bowl had now disappeared into the gloom.

In Summary, a fantastic Club turnout on a rather wet and damp day but as usual the company was exceptional. Thanks go to all who came out to play this morning.

Final view from the car.

Monday 5 February 2024

First Outing to Itford Hill This Year - Sunday 4 February 2024

As we were expecting a good westerly blow on Sunday morning we opted to meet at Itford Hill for the first time this year. Walking up the chalk path to the second gate, which I may add is the steepest part of the route to the top of the slope. I stopped to take a breath and glance up to the top. However, it was completely hidden by low cloud and mist. At that point I thought of going back to the car and driving home. One of the reasons for yesterdays outing was to meet up with 2 potential Club members, so I carried on up the slope. Once at the top I took the opportunity to have a cup of tea and recover, it seems to get harder each time I walk up the hill. 

I found a number of Club members hiding behind the bushes trying to keep themselves and their equipment dry. The Club Chair Rob S, Committee Member Kevin M, Club Members Bob C, Paul H were already there followed by Ian M and Robin A.

The early birds Rob S and Kevin M had to stop flying as the conditions were not favorable, at one time Rob was seen to be wiping the moisture of his TX with a paper towel.

However, when the visibility allowed flying resumed. I, as usual had my trusty Wildthing and to be honest it was probably the best choice of model as the conditions were not great. I must admit it was a lot wetter and colder than I had expected.

Later in the morning David S and John H our 2 potential Club members arrived and we had a chat about how the club functions. I must say that John's Wildthing has almost the same colour scheme as mine. We will see how that works out when we are both in the air at the same time. David S did not bring along any models this time but as he has now joined the Club we will be seeing a lot more of him.

A number of the members had some really nice mouldies but the conditions were not right for them yesterday such as Paul's Mini Vec and Robin's very nice but a little weighty DS mouldie.

In Summary, a very dull wet and cold morning at Itford but great company. Looking forward to the Spring and Summer.