Sunday, 10 October 2021

Saturday 9th October at Ditchling Beacon

 It was decided to try Ditchling Beacon on Saturday 9th Oct, but on arrival there was very little wind.

The view was spectacular because there was fog down at the bottom of the hill and only tall trees could be seen poking through the gloom. At the top it was pretty good weather so we tried out our DLGs.

There was Paul H, Rob S, Bill H and Gordon S (who didn't have a model with him).

Rob and Bill tried out Bill's HK DLG which needed  some fine tuning but was flying pretty well.

Rob tried out his Loola and Paul H took the RX to trim it as it hadn't been flown for well over a year, Rob then took it back but after a good few flights it managed to come together with the barbed wire fence and sustained a small dent in the carbon fibre LE.

Paul flew his Fireblade DLG and it flew very well, each flight was longer than the last , Paul was in the air for at least 15 minutes at a time.

After a while Paul went to the car park to get his Sapphire, but just before launching it was discovered that the battery was flat, so it had to go back in the car.

Overall we all had a good morning at the Beacon and although the wind did pick up a little, there was no opportunity to fly any other models which stayed in the cars.


Thursday, 23 September 2021

Awesome Morning at Itford Hill

Rob S and Gordon S were up with the larks this morning at Itford Hill. They brought along the Club SAS Wildthing trainer and training commenced with gusto. Understandably, Gordon expressed a wish to train on his hand built Soarceror. Apparently, Gordon has built a number of these models over the years. It’s clear to all that Gordon is continuing to improve.

As I parked up in the lay-by, I noticed Mark J loading his gliders into bags ready for the stroll to the top of the hill. We were presented with excellent scenery looking Westwards, probably the best visibility I have seen so far at this slope, especially as it’s late in the year.

Approaching the top Mark J and I noticed that a group of our Club members and 2 potential new members had gathered at our usual haunt known as “Hampshire’s Hollow”, and we noticed Robin A was based at the very top behind the bushes for some shelter. A decision was made to join Robin A further up the hill.

Today’s Club group consisted of Rob S and Gordon as previously mentioned, Robin A had his Mephisto and a Chris Foss Phase 6. Mark J was equipped with his SAS Wildthing and a Max Thrust Aggressor, I brought along my Dream Flight Ahi. Kevin M had his Wildthing and a Chris Foss Middle Phase, our 2 potential new members, Rob who had a Dream Flight Alula and Mike had a Middle Phase newly built for his grandson.

Some Gliders From Today

Visibility was excellent but the wind was light and variable, even when the wind picked up the lift produced was variable.

Gordon’s training was going well until his Soarceror suffered a heavy landing which resulted in some minor damage, but the glider is repairable. Kevin M’s Middle Phase also suffered some mechanical issues in the form of a broken clevis and a servo failure which resulted in the glider being grounded.

Gordon's Broken Glider

Rob one of our new potential members who is self-taught impressed the group with his flying ability employing the Alula and Mike another potential member has built 2 Middle Phases, 1 for his son another for his grandson.

Flying this morning was sporadic as the conditions favored lighter foamies but our experienced Wildthing flyers also managed some good stick time.

Mike's Superb Middle Phase

Around 11 the early starters began to go home and soon only I and Mark J were left on the hill. Mark J being one of our continuation instructors gave me some demonstrations of landing which was most appreciated. I continued to fly my Ahi on 2 flights this time without causing any damage. I need to perform several technical adjustments such as adding “Expo” to the Ahi setting to make it a little less sensitive. Mark J stay on for about 1.5 hours after I left and I understand that the conditions improved and several thermals came through.

Kevin's Broken Middle Phase

In Sum, an awesome day with even better company. Some good flying but some damaged gliders taken home for repair. The weather was exceptional, and it was very surprising that only tee shirts were needed this late in September. Not a great day for the guys who had traditional built balsa gliders such as the Phase 6 and the Middle Phase. A big thank you to all who attended today.