Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Who's free this Friday?

Looking ahead at the weather forecast for this coming Friday its currently looks very good for Itford Hill with a strong Westerly forecast.
I am planning to take Friday afternoon off work and go and fly my Stingray / Greacalis models.
I know Rob and Ian may well be coming along - anyone else fancy joining us?

Monday, 17 September 2018

A Lidl bit of fun at Itford Hill

Yet another great flying session on Saturday up on Itford Hill with Ian, Scott and Robin.
Ian's Jedi looking out towards Mount Caburn
Not the best of lift but at times thermals came through and boosted the lift. The real star of the session was Robin and his Lidl free flight glider that he converted to a RC model.
'Robin Lidl'
No joke this £7.99 glider got up to about 500' point it into wind and haul back on the stick and up it went. Robin was enjoying himself with the Lidl glider and his Alula. From now on he will be known as Robin Lidl...…..
Scott got to fly his nice new X Models Blade. I tried in the very light lift and just about to stay up but with the occasional incipient spin. Later Ian and Scott flew the blade and Scott enjoyed some decent height and stick time.
Robin and Scott flew my Ascott at height. So high actually it was getting difficult to see the model. I think this was wave off the hill in front of us.
Then it was off to the pub for Harveys and Chips.
Post flying briefing at the Plough

Sunday, 16 September 2018

SSW wind gusting to 21mph

I must have misinterpreted the weather forecast today. The wind was described as a light S-S-Westerly maxing at 11mph. So I took some nice light wooden models to the SW slope of the Long Man in Wilmington. When I got to the top of the hill I was nearly blown off my feet!
I set up my foamy flying wing but struggled to hold it in the gale, so I let discretion be the better part of valour and retreated back down the track... only to be met by three model flyers coming up. I told them it was jolly windy up there and they said good, that's what we came for. So I decided to follow them back up and see how they got on.
The guys introduced themselves as Craig, Dave and Dave's boy George. They had driven over from Rochester for the day, equipped with two Phase 6s, a Middle Phase, two Zagis, a Wild Thing and a vintage V-tailed pylon racer called an Adrenalin and quickly proved that the site was flyable, if a little hairy at times. The Wild Thing collided with a Zagi, breaking a pushrod on the Zagi, one Phase 6 did a splendid spot landing but broke both horns on the torque rods in the process (the plastic in this 25-year-old model had become brittle), later Craig's Zagi was blown back over the fence twice. The second Phase 6 (young George's model) was a beautifully finished example that Dave had picked up for £25 at a swap meet. George's aerobatic skills were admirable, but he called on his dad's help for landing in the very-strong lift, Dave had a few close calls, one of which made George dive to the ground to avoid being knocked over by the speeding model.
The trio were well coordinated in the air, calling out their intended manoeuvres before carrying them out, this facilitated some very pretty consecutive swoops, rolls and loops, as three Chris Foss designs chased each other around the sky.
Meanwhile, I summoned up some courage and launched my Xeno (during the quieter moments) and achieved four short but controlled flights with uneventful landings.
By 1:30pm I decided it was time to go and find a site better suited to my lightweight woodies, so I headed off up the A22 toward the Ashdown Forest. I know of a gentle SW slope in the Forest where I can throw my gliders into the sun and look around for thermal lift; I was not disappointed. One RC glider was in the air already and I soon joined him with my Dynaflite Daydream and was happily aloft for the next 25 minutes. A free-flight competition was underway somewhere on the forest, I heard a couple of screaming two-strokes but didn't see any, although my flying companion had seen an errant free-flight model in the car park earlier.
While the lift lasted I had another go with my Omega (vintage aerobatic model). There were problems with the trim and I had removed ballast but it still seemed nose-heavy, however, fiddling with the control surfaces helped and I finally achieved a stable 5-minute flight with safe landing. It's a very pretty model but not (yet?) my favourite to fly.

Happy landings all,


Thursday, 13 September 2018

Who wants to fly at the weekend?

After last weeks great fun up at the long man, I wanted to know who was up for some flying over the forthcoming weekend.
Early indications show an early W but swinging WSW quickly on Saturday and a stronger SSW am Sunday then moving round to a good SW on Sunday PM.
Could be an early start on Itford on Saturday or a morning on the cliffs at Newhaven on Sunday morning or an afternoon blast on The Long Man on Sunday PM.
What floats your boat- Itford / Newhaven Cliffs / The Long Man?

Looks like there is a London - Brighton charity bike ride on Sunday which I assume will cause travel chaos, so Saturday could well be the preferred option, Sorry Russell.