Sunday, 17 March 2019

Cracking morning up on Itford Hill

A good turn out with 7 members again (like last week) joining me up on Itford Hill.
A lovely sunny day with a brisk Westerly wind but so much better than last Sunday.
We met at 10:00 - there was me, Jim, Rob S, Rob P, Tony, Mark, Russell, and Robin.
There was lots going on today up on the hill apart from our 8 fliers, we were joined by 2 from Newhaven (who decided to fly at the top of the hill) and 2 from Eastbourne - both father and son fliers.
I started with Tim's Bluto which always flies very well and then moved to my Merlow with a camera on (see video)…

Robin started with his little home-design flying wing, then got to maiden his Mefisto glider. I helped him with the launch and the model proved to be very stable in the breezy conditions. Nice and stable flying and great landing flaps to make it an easy landing. It does need some brighter colours on the tips to help against the sky. Did lose it a few times when flying way out from the hill.
Tony was flying his Phase 6 very well and started with his trusty Wildthing. Rob had his Ninja but spent most of the time helping Jim with his 2 models to trim and set them up, continued problems were tracked eventually to the transmitter having a malfunction ! Russell was there enjoying himself, but arrived a fair bit later, so as we left he was only just setting up his models. Mark had his gorilla glued Blaster which always does well. Rob P was flying well with his mouldies (the Erwin and a larger white mouldie). I saw him do a superbly controlled landing right next to himself. We left Mark, Russell and Rob P up on the hill and made our way back home.
Robin with his Mefisto
                                                               Rob P flying his mouldie
                                                             Mark and Tony
                                                                    Paul with Russell

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Bright enough for you?

Here's the Phase 6 nearly complete. Just some stripes on the tips and the Phase 6 decal and then it's off to Tim for the fuselage servo installation and the final set up. What would I do without Tim?
Chris Foss Phase 6 with landing flaps

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Phase 6 Build Getting There Slowly

As you may already be aware I am trying to build a Chris Foss Phase 6 with Flaps with Tims valuable help.

I have had a load of problems (most of them of my own doing) but today I have started to cover the model. Blue fuselage with bright coloured wings.
If you are interested to see my slow but steady progress then take a look at the Phase 6 Build Blog Post.

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Been going through my 200+ videos on Youtube

Hi all
I seem to have accumulated a huge number of flying video's over the last 5 years.
If you have some spare time and have nothing better to do then why not take a look at my YouTube channel - 'Slope Soaring Sussex'