Wednesday, 1 December 2021

3 SAS Wildthings go Wild at Itford Hill

Another spontaneous decision to join up with Mark J and Kevin M at Itford Hill this morning. I arrived at the layby around 10 and commenced the long walk up the slope. Mark J was well ahead of me, and we both met up with Kevin M who was hiding in the bushes trying to keep dry as a rather large rain shower passed overhead. Conditions were very good with excellent visibility and a good winds, but it was cold. 

Flying started well but Kevin’s Wildthing seemed very twitchy in the conditions. It was decided to remove some weight that was added last time his model flew. The results of this worked well and a little re-trimming did the job. Kevin continues to improve, and he achieved considerable stick time today. One of his landings resulted in a loose fin, reminded me of one of my landings last week. I continued to practice circuits and landings, happy to either go left or right now. Landings still need more practice. 

Mark J was happy giving both of us guidance and instruction which was really appreciated. The highlight of the day was without doubt Mark J performing a “touch and go” followed by hand catching his model. If I wasn’t there, I would not have believed it happened. We spend a good hour and a half before being joined by a chap with his Peregrine Falcon using and EDF powered wing to exercise the bird. After another few launches, we decided that it was getting a little cold and went home.

In Sum, a successful day with Kevin improving greatly, me getting some circuits and landing practice in and Mark trying to get the both of us to fly better, which I do believe he did. Thanks, Mark, for your efforts today.

Thursday, 25 November 2021

Firle Beacon 25th November 2021

I made a spontaneous decision this morning to flight test my SAS Wildthing after its mid-life update and re-covering. I met Robin A on the slope at our usual launch point. Visibility was great and the wind strong, but it was very cold indeed. The temperature here in Sussex has dropped significantly over the last few days and is expected to drop further. Robin A was away flying his Mefisto 1.9-meter slope soarer but he had also brought along his Chris Foss Phase 6 and the Bugatti that he has built from a plan.

The view from Firle Beacon looking West
I had a few trial launches with the Wildthing just to set the trims. Then away she went. Again, I attempted to practice my landings with a 50:50 achievement rate, not sure if it was luck or judgement or possibly a combination of both. More practice needed me thinks.
The view looking North
Robin A however, flew the Bugatti really well in the smooth conditions and pulled off a very impressive landing. It was without doubt the highlight of my day and I think Robin A was very proud of his achievement. I look forward to seeing it fly again soon.

Robin's Phase 6 and Buggatti

One of my inverted landings un-stuck the fin so I decided to call it a day and return home. Leaving Robin A still flying his Phase 6 in the great but cold conditions.

Tony's SAS Wildthing