Thursday, 30 April 2015

Mill Hill RC Flying Banned ??

An email was forwarded to me this evening saying that as of today (30th April 2015) all flying from Mill Hill (Shoreham, Sussex) had been banned due to a collision between a model and a light aircraft at 1000ft and the Police had posted a notice saying 'models & equipment will be confiscated'.
Now this has not been confirmed by any other means than the email I received, so I am keen to find out any more Information you may know about the current model glider flying situation up at Mill Hill. If you can enlighten us further then please email me or leave a message with this post.
I have to say that having seen the very close proximity of Mill Hill site to the flight path into Shoreham Airport I am surprised (If true) that the banning of model flying from there hadn't happened a lot earlier. Where else in the country can you fly RC model aircraft (gliders) so close to the flight path of powered aircraft?
But lets wait and see if the reports are correct and be thankful that the light aircraft made a safe landing into Shoreham.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

First outing for the Libelle this year

Hi guys
I've just got back from a weeks holiday down in Cornwall. I took some models with me in the hope of getting some good sloping in, however, the weather had other plans and blew NE & E for most of the week, the worst possible conditions for sloping in Cornwall.

However, I did find a nice place to get the Libelle out for a chuck about, and even managed to catch a thermal or two.

Enjoy the video of the Libelle and there are others to follow from my week in Cornwall which will be available to view on A470Soaring, and from today's flying on Fochriw, including Big Phil's PSS Vulcan.

Happy flying


Ditchling Beacon Sunday 26th April

Hi All,
Paul and I decided to venture to Ditchling this morning despite the rain and drizzle we both saw early on. We met at 9:30 and found that the drizzle was rolling in with the Northerly wind but we could see brightness on the Northern horizon.
Paul took his Traceur and had my Moth which I bought from Tim 2 weeks ago. Both flew very well despite there being not a great deal of lift. Paul moved to his lightweight Zulu and that performed extremely well. We were joined by our newest member Will with his wife and children (Will has ordered a Spectre and is waiting for all the parts to arrive).
Paul again let Will fly his Zulu and we found that Will was very confident despite only one previous flight. Will was airborne for about 15 minutes on his own with an occasional hand from Paul. Most impressive Will.
Tim arrived and flew his Guppy which is always impressive. Tim also flew Paul's Traceur for quite a time.
I decided to try out my old Hawk but found that it was 'bound' to my other JR transmitter at home !
Then Les arrived with his Jet Provost, Middle Phase and KA8. The Middle Phase went well and the KA8 flew very well. Les had 2 really good landings with the help of the air brakes built into the wings. Les invited his mate Graham (I think that was his name), who also flew a KA8 and that went very well too - I didn't see it land though because Will and I decided to leave at that point.

To sum up, we had had 6 fliers with 9 models and despite the cold Northerly, it was a great morning's flying.
Many thanks to the hardy ones who joined us this morning.


Saturday, 25 April 2015

Ditchling tomorrow

Not the best of days forecast for tomorrow but drying out after early rain. 12 - 15 mph NNE wind.
Planning to meet up with Rob around 9.30 - 10.00am up at Ditchling Beacon car park.
If it is raining it will soon dry out. Maybe a better day for the lighter models!
Anyone coming out to play?

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Wolstonbury Hill - A great Turnout !!

Yesterday saw us up on Wolstonbury Hill with a chilly E - ENE wind blowing. We started with Me, Rob, David and Clint but by the end we had been joined by Jim, Will, Jack & Scott.
Thanks guys for making the effort and for making it into a fun session on the slope.
I found conditions rough with the wind being roughed up by the bowl lip in front of us. Possibly should have moved back around the bowl but we were all set up and flying from just behind the fence. We had a vast array of models flying from Rob's new Moth, a couple of Ninja's, a couple of M60's, A wild thing and a Spectre to name but a few.
A warm welcome to Jim. Our latest member of the 'The Slope Soaring Sussex' club. Unfortunately, the wind was a little on the brisk side for Jim to get his models into the air. We also welcomed Will (a complete beginner to the slope who in about ten minutes of flying Davids Spectre with me holding the transmitter was away flying 'S' turns by himself with me standing alongside - Very well done Will. Good news is that Will has said he will be joining our club which means our current membership continues to go from strength to strength.
There was a lot of chatting, happy banter going round on the slope and we all seem to be enjoying ourselves which is what its all about!
See you up on the slopes or down at the field very soon. 

Electric Glider flying. 15/4/15

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Saturday looks good for Wolstonbury Hil. Come & join us!

Looking at the current weather forecast for the weekend, Saturday is looking very good for some slope soaring with a ENE wind forecast to be 20mph + and up to 12 degrees.
This is spot on for Wolstonbury Hill. For those who haven't tried this place out before, its a great place to fly. A huge bowl with strong lift together with a relatively easy place to park and stroll up to the top to fly.
Saturday morning is favourable for me. We will be meeting up around 9.30am?
Please let me know if you are coming out to play.
Here is a video of me flying at Wolstonbury Hill.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Late afternoon Thermal

I met up with Graham at the field who had been flying for a while with his electric thermal soarers. I only had brought along my DLG's. The Libelle and my Super Topsky 2 Disser DLG gliders. I have read that if you want to fly DLG gliders you just need perseverance. After about an hour of bloody perseverance, I finally found myself a small thermal for the Longshot to climb up in.
Here is a very boring video of a DLG flying into the sun and going round and around - Sorry but that's all it is!!!
The Sea air had by this time had made its way in land and we had a strengthening moist and cooler Southerly breeze. Time to pack up and go home. Well at least I have maintained my 3 climb away's from 3 visits.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Thanks for all your support !

An early start this morning and in Brighton for 7.15am. Me and 3000 others running the 10K.
Managed to get round in a reasonable time for my age. 52 mins 10 seconds.
Many thanks for all the good wishes and for the £815 sponsorship donated for a very worthy charity.
If anyone would like to add to my already fantastic total which is going to Fibromyalgia UK then please feel free to go to my Just Giving page .
Thanks again, Paul

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Sunday Is Paul's Big Day

Hi All,
Just to remind everyone that tomorrow (Sunday) Paul is doing his 10k sponsored run in Brighton for charity. He's raised nearly £700 for the good cause of Fibromyalgia.
His Just Giving link is to the left of this post at the top of our page.
I know he's put in a lot of work to achieve this goal and we all wish him well for tomorrow.



Thursday, 9 April 2015

Dream Flight Libelle DLG climbing away from our club field

I used my lunchtime to pop over to the field around 1.00pm today. The weather was calm and warm - just the conditions for some DLG flying. I only brought along my battered and bruised Dream Flight Libelle. The air was buoyant and after trying various launches in different parts of the field I managed to climb away from about 20 metres high. Fortunately, I managed to capture my flying on my helmet cam and hopefully you will enjoy the video below. Watch in HD and in 'Full Screen' for best quality.
I'm a big fan of DLG flying as in my opinion is the most basic, organic form of model flying available. Keep launching it up and watch it continually to watch for signs of lift. Our new field seems to have come up trumps. I have had two trips to the field now on both occasions have manage to climb away from a hand launch which I have not managed before. I spent my hour at the field today trying different parts of the field. Watching which area was warming up and giving off low thermals. I think you need to explore as much of the air available to find which part is working. When you find rising air there is good chance you will find rising air again in the same area. Thermals need a heat source..... could be a line of tree's or a sunny corner downwind of some tree's but if its producing thermals then as the air recycles it should keep on producing small pockets of rising air (a thermal). The problem I find is after I have climbed away is then finding another thermal to climb away in. Usually you have drifted downwind and you then lose height trying to push back into wind and through the sink associated with leaving rising air.
Every launch is a learning opportunity. The model will tell you when its in rising air. The Libelle slows and gently lifts its nose and obviously stops losing height. The big challenge is knowing which way to turn in what you think is rising air and how tight to turn (usually tight turns needed lower down).
You don't need to be an athlete or a massively built hammer thrower to launch a DLG. You don't need to launch it to 30 - 40 metres high to get in a thermal (but sometimes it helps). Give it a go! The Libelle is relatively cheap (£92 from T9HobbySport) for the amount of enjoyment it gives back in performance. I'm happy to help you in any way you want if you want to try out DLG flying. I'm no expert but more than happy to share the little I know.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

eSoaring at our new field.

BMFA Achievment Scheme

Now that we are a fully affiliated BMFA club and we have our own flat field site, would anyone be Interested in gaining there 'A' or 'B' badge for silent flight (electric / thermal / slope) gliders?
I have my 'A' for powered aircraft but would like my one for glider flying as well plus it demonstrates to the BMFA that we are a responsible and progressive club.
It would be good to have these qualifications within the club and hopefully we could get ourselves our very own club Instructor to provide basic instructional flights for any new or training pilots. I am aware most of us are have a good level of competency but I for one would like to have a bash at the tests through the BMFA. I think Bernie is an examiner, maybe I will have a chat with him about it.
Here is a link to the BMFA site detailing the basic tests on offer. Please let me know if there is any Interest in doing your gliding 'A' and/or 'B' badges and I will do my best to get something sorted out?

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

More Welsh Flying Antics

Hi guys and greetings from S Wales.

Just a quick note here to tell you about the latest video's available at A470soaring.

We have Phil flying his Correx built Impala jet trainer and a visitor flying a brand new Baudis Space Lift F3F ship. This video in particular shows the awesome lift that the Wrecker slope at the Bwlch can produce from a mere 15 mph wind.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Our new field is FANTASTIC !!

Rob & I worked our little socks off, pulling out over 70 posts, filling in the holes and moving the posts to another field. We did have the assistance of a man and a tractor but still it was bloody hard work. Thanks Rob!!
I flew my Libelle DLG and on its 3rd launch I climbed away from about 30' and climbed up quickly in a strong thermal but I had to give up on it as it was back to work with Rob. After that I flew my electric glider and had 3 motor burns with climbing in thermals between each burn. Then back to my Libelle. By now the sun had vanished and we were left with grey, claggy skies. Still managed to climb away from low down - Wow! our new field is immense.
I was kept company by Bob King who did his best to keep me out of the tree's and just as we were leaving Terry turned up with his bungee and gliders. Let us know how you got on Terry?
Cant wait to get out there flying again. We are so lucky to have such a large, clear and dry field to fly from.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Ditchling Today

A cold Northerly wind greeted us up at Ditchling. I wasn't expecting such a breeze or cold temperatures. Clint, Tim, Les, Ian and I, side stepped the dog poo assault course to get to the front of the slope. We didn't stay too long because of the biting wind but what flying we did have went reasonable well. Clint flew his M60 and his Le Fish. Tim flew his M60. Ian flew his little Komet and Les flew his Jet Provost and his Wild Thing. Unfortunately, the Jet Provost needs a little TLC after coming into contact with the ground at high speed. Sorry Les! Hope its repairable?
Rob was busy at our new field. Cutting hedges back and sorting out the access through the gates into the field. Thanks Rob - good work!!
We will be meeting down there tomorrow to continue with the work and hopefully to get some flying in.

Friday, 3 April 2015

The Easter weekend is here!!

Firstly a huge apology for my cock up regarding the eSoaring fun day. I found the post advertising the fun day, glanced at the dates and thought I would let everyone know that this was on but got it completely wrong - DOH!!!!
Anyway moving on very quickly...........
The Easter weekend is upon us and hopefully most of us will have some time to fly over the next 4 days?
Pants - go an earn some brownie points logged in the book and charge up all your models for the next three days.
Looks good for Ditchling. Currently Indicating a 15mph N / NE wind.
How about we meet up at the car park for 10.00am? Rain now showing holding off till around 1.00pm,
After you have been to church and delivered all your chocky eggs, why not come and see our brand new flat field flying site in Hassocks?
The wind will be light & variable but cloudy. Not the best conditions for thermals but the light winds will help us. We have lots of work to do at the field with posts to be moved and holes needing filling in. I'm hoping we can do some work but do much more flying.
I'm hoping to get down there around 11.00am and spend 2 or 3 hours down there. If you don't know where the new field is exactly then email me or Rob for a map and post code. We don't want to advertise the exact location of the field to the whole world for obvious reasons.
I will bring along our winch and bungee plus some electric gliders and my DLG gliders.
Come along, have a look and a fly and if you haven't done already - why not consider joining our club?
Currently showing another light wind day with cloud. If so I will try and get down the field again for some more post removal and more glider flying from the flat. I will confirm start times for Monday later on in the weekend.

Well there you go! Hopefully something for everyone in that forecast. Slope soaring and flat field flying. Please come along and enjoy the company as well as some good flying.

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