Moulded Gliders

X Models Whisper (Steve H)
Steve's 2m X Models Whisper. ''I love this model. It's great as a first full house glider, will fly in 8 mph or 35 mph. I'd have another if this one ever bit the dust.''

Willow 2 F3F (Paul)
2800mm Span F3F racer. Designed in the UK and manufactured in China. Very good quality built Carbon Fibre / Glass moulded glider. I've only flown here once and the speed was an eye opener. She will take a belly full of ballast and fly in a wide range of wind conditions. Extremely manoeuvrable yet slows down nicely for controlled approaches.
Be warned - not a novice build. For the more experienced pilot.
Would cost you around £600 + radio gear.

Valenta Dragon (Paul)
My first full house big wing moulded glider. I personally love this glider. 2892mm wingspan. Has a centre section with the two outer wing panels for easy transport. Built like a brick out house! Manufactured around 2002. So a few years old now. Good speed range but does need to be pushed to get her speed up. I have flown her in howling gales and light thermic days. She does need a little more landing flap as she will not sink well if landing in lift. I have complete confidence with this model and this is what you need for your first big wing mouldy. Will flew her up at Firle Beacon and he has only been flying for one season. You tend to find the bigger the glider the more stable she flies. Smooth effortless flying.
Cost around £150 but worth every penny.

Mini Blade (Rob)

Here's my first completely carbon fibre model,
I have flown it twice and it's a great thing to fly, but on landing I split the fuselage which was second hand and was already dodgy. I've now ordered a new fuselage for it and it will be up and around soon.

Anyway I can't say how it goes as yet, but I guess FAST ?

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