Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Sussex Slope Soaring Glider Fleet

Here we have Rob's brand new Flyingwings Ninja ready for its maiden flight, hopefully this weekend.

Below is Rob's Hawk and his SAS Fusion

Great colours Rob.

Use this thread to post pictures of you models (big or small). It would be nice to get as many pictures of our gliders up here as possible.

I better get my camera out then. Loads of slopers up on the shelves in my office.

Come on guys, load your pictures up or alternatively email them to me: and I will load them up for you......


Slope Soaring Sussex

Shout Box

New Shout box added to our blog.

Add your comments, discussions, where your going flying, weather - what ever you want. Leave your messages here.

If you don't see any messages then make sure you view the 'Shout Box' by clicking on the 'All' button which will display all the messages that have been left.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Trying to land a Phase 6 in a howling gale at Ditchling Beacon

If you don't succeed the first time ..... try and try again!


Slope Soaring Sussex

Two Ninja's cross the border into Wales

Two Flyingwings Ninja's flown by Jack & myself during our September 2013 road trip to South Wales.

Make sure you sign up for next Springs visit to The Bwlch its well worth the effort.

We have a good fleet of these within our group. One of the best foamy flying wings around.

Penetrates well into wind but will float on just a gentle breeze. Great for combat and will bounce if the ground comes up and bites you - as it does from time to time....

Click on the title bar at the top to see a bigger and better quality version of the video on You Tube.

Sussex Slope Soaring at Itford Hill this Sunday (3rd November)

We are a small group of friends who meet regularly to go slope soaring with RC gliders.

We fly foamies, PSS and mouldies as well as scale and the old 2 channel thermal soaring gliders.

This blog has been set up to for us to help promote the fantastic slope soaring opportunities available along the South Downs of East & West Sussex.

This week end looks like a good Westerly blow which for us means a trek up to the top of Itford Hill in East Sussex.

The few times we have visited this lovely piece of the Sussex country side we are always welcomed by the local model flyers and we have had a great days flying.

You can park at the bottom of the hill and follow the 'South Downs Way' to the top. Its about a twenty minute walk up to the top but usually its a firm walk under foot.

Anyway, anyone fancies joining us up there this Sunday (3rd November) drop us a line or meet us up there.

We can be found on most the regular slopes within Sussex: Ditchling Beacon, Mill Hill, Firle, Butts Brow, Itford Hill and even much further afield in South Wales.

Here's Jack and Navid enjoying the delights of Itford Hill last Winter.

Feel free to email me if you would like to meet up with us at some point. We are all friendly and keen to help build on this enjoyable hobby.


Slope Soaring Sussex