Sunday, 26 June 2016

What a laugh!!

The day started out with a good Westerly blow well at least in Haywards Heath but this wasn't the case up on Itford. I loaded the car up with my heavy models but when I got to the top of Itford Hill and met up with Ian, Roger and Kim it wasn't blowing it was breezing mixed up with thermals.
Ian's big old mouldy was doing well and Roger with his Cularis (apparently with the motor switched off but I have my doubts) were up there soaring away. Roger was so high he got a call from Gatwick approach asking him if he had a transponder fitted. He told them he didn't but he did have a naff sounding vario fitted and they were happy with that.
 Above Roger's Cularis
Above, Ian's Euphoria
My enthusiasm for combat got the better of me as I chased Ian's Star Jet around and managed to inflict some minor damage during some realistic combat manoeuvres (sorry Ian).
We were joined by a new face, Kim. A very nice guy from Arundel way. He flew his Wildthing and after some trimming and adjustment he and his model where as happy as larry.
Anyway, a good day with a mixture of thermal, soft lift, good lift and no lift !!!

Friday, 24 June 2016

Itford this Sunday

Ian and I are going to meet up at the bottom of Itford Hill around 9.30am on Sunday morning. The weather looks reasonable and the winds on the hill (which helps).
Any one else joining us?

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Sat 18 June and Sun 19 June

Hi All,
This weekend is a busy one in Ditchling so it seems - today there's a fair going on in the village

Tomorrow (Sunday) is the London Brighton bike ride through most of Surrey and Sussex including Ardingly / Haywards Heath areas and Ditchling Beacon and village which will be closed to traffic. I cannot find a route map - they say it will be handed to riders at the start -

My advice is to avoid these areas altogether this weekend in the car.


Monday, 6 June 2016

Models For Sale

For Sale

Versus dlg 1500mm
All servos,battery and spektrum rx. Ready to go.
Whipit new in box

Contact Tim at

Friday, 3 June 2016

Rhossili, South Wales

For those who don't know Rhossili is located on the Gower Peninsula which in turn is in South Wales (Just to the West of Swansea). It has a large NT car park there and a nice pub / hotel which serves superb food and a nice pint of local brew.
There is a huge expanse of sandy beach which is overlooked by an amazing two mile long (ish) 150m high ridge that predominantly faces West. This by all accounts is meant to be one of the premier slopes to fly from in the country with a relatively flat top for landing and unobstructed sea breeze providing superb lift.
At the end on the headland that juts out into the sea is Worms Head. The Head can be accessed at certain times of the year (due to nesting sea birds) via a shingle and rocky causeway when the tide is out.
What I would like to do is to organise a Slope Soaring Sussex trip up to South Wales so we can fly up at the Bwlch and hopefully down at Rhossili. Before I go and look at dates, prices etc who of you out there would be interested in joining me and making the trip to South Wales for some big air mountain soaring? Probably going down early on a Friday, and returning late on the Sunday. Hopefully meeting up with Steve, Phil and the other locals for some friendly banter. No commitment required at this stage but just an idea on who might want to come along.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Slope Soaring on the South Downs

Hi guys

Here's a little bit of video shot last weekend during my visit to your green and pleasant land.

Thanks to Paul and Ian for being my flying buddies on Saturday & Sunday, and to the other guys who turned out on Sunday too.

I hope to see some of you soon flying the big air hills of S Wales.