Thursday, 14 November 2013

Pat Teakle ASW20 Scale Slope Soaring Glider

Here is a video of the beautiful Pat Teakle 6 metre Span ASW20. Flown down in Kent. This is another glider that I have flown the full size version off. This glider I remember having very flexible ' bendy wings. Any turbulence or if you pulled up in a thermal with any speed and the tips bent up higher than your head. This glider was one of my all time favourites to fly I flew the German version of the ASW20 as some later ones were produced in France. You could fly it in 15 metre or plug on wing tips and then you would have a 16.6 metre rocket ship. You could load it up with nearly 30 gallons of water, as it had wing and tail bags for water ballast. The more weight the more inertia you had when pulling up in to the next thermal or screaming along the ridge and 120knts.

I have a Pat Teakle 4 metre (1/4 scale) Slingsby Vega waiting to be finished. That should grace the slopes soon hopefully.

An ASW20 dumping water as it 'Beats up' the finish line.

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