Wolstonbury Hill (E - ENE)

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Park Here:
Outside the Three Greys Riding School (by the large Conifers)
Rockrose Farm
Clayton Hill
Pyecombe, Brighton, East Sussex BN45 7FF
Park outside the riding school. You will see an area banked with large Conifers. Take the path besides the car parking area and walk about five minuets where you should meet a gate (slightly to the left and in front of you). Through the gate and up the inclined path up on the bowl (10 min walk). You will be greeted with a fantastic view and a large grassy bowl.
The hill works best in a ENE wind but we have flown there in an Easterly wind. Relatively easy place to land as you cant quite get out of the lift but you have long cross wind areas to bring your glider back to earth. One of the closest E - ENE slopes we have to us. Worth a visit!


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  2. Wolstonbury has a west side too, it's well worth exploring when the wind blows that way. A 20 minute walk from the car park takes you to the SW slope. With a sunny 12mph SW wind a small aerobatic slope soarer will fly well some of the time, while a more efficient soarer can be thrown aloft and will stay there until you've had enough.

  3. The riding school car park is for customers of The Three Greys only, there is a sign on site to remind visitors. A tough but viable option is the lay-by by The Warenne (there is only room for two cars) in New Way Lane, south of Hurst. From there it's a 20+ minute climb up the footpath to the top. 240m west along New Way Lane (around the bend) there is a bigger lay-by.